The Brilliant Student Award is an annual scholarship program offering a onetime award of USD 5,000 to two students (one boy and one girl) who have displayed a consistent record of academic excellence.  It is our hope that this award will propel the students onto a path that will take them through a rigorous university education, assist them in attaining their career dreams and aspirations, and bring their talents to our communities around the world.   

Only two winners will be chosen on merit from all eligible applicants, with the below requirements.


The Brilliant Student Award is open to boys and girls who have achieved outstanding results at the Advanced level (Form 5 and 6 or equivalent) and wish to go for further studies. The winners of this award will also be able to access the normal Higher Education Loan under the EB Program.

Jamaat Responsibility/Deadline:

All students’ applications must be handed over to their respective Jamaat’s Education Board Representatives. Local Jamaat’s will be responsible to publicize these services, scrutinize, verify and filter all applications in order to nominate and forward Four Proposed names (two boys and two girls) to the Education Board Secretariat by 15th September 2011.

Apart from the 4 applications nominated by the Jamat, all the applications which have been received for this award should also be forwarded to the Education Board Secretariat.


Local Jamaats are specifically requested to give more importance to the award this year so that applications are received from all the local Jamaats. Jamaats Education representatives must put in extra effort to publicize and make announcements at different Community centers and functions (e.g. Madressah, khushali, wafat, etc) to draw the attention of students to seriously consider applying for the award. 

Guidelines for Awards: 

Candidates who wish to apply for this award are required to fill in the ‘Brilliant Student Award for Higher Education’ form and attach the following: 

  • 1 Passport Size Photograph
  • Final A’S Level and A’ level Examination Results
  • Form 6 Mock Examination Results (The Education Board representative of the respective Jamaat must verify the final National/international ‘A’ level results.)
  • 2 academic Reference Letters (Heads, Teachers, etc)
  • Certificates of Achievement or letters of recommendation in Extracurricular Activities and Community Service
  • Sponsorship letters from co-sponsors confirming that they will be responsible for the balance of funds in excess of the scholarship award.
  • University Acceptance letter and Fee Structure
  • A one page write up explaining:
    • Why do you feel that you should be considered for this award?
    • What are your Aspirations for the future?
    • On completion of your university education, how will you use your skills to contribute back to the community? 

The Jamat Board Members must certify all documents as True Copies. In absence of any of the above documentation, the student may be disqualified.  

The Secretariat of the Education Board will make the final selection from nominated applications received from all Jamaat’s. 

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