The Missions branches in Arusha have taken up food distributions to Muslims in the vicinity of the township. Masjid Jamiu ul Khair was addressed and the Muslims in the neighbourhood for the relief programme. An elderly lady had no words to express her appreciation. The packages consisting of basic food items cost up to Tshs.42000/= suffices a family of 4.

Arusha branch of the Mission intends to keep up the distribution throughout the year especially to the orphanages and the elderly with the availability of funds for the programme.


The Missions branch in Arusha also distributed food packages to Orphans, Widows and the elderly in the suburbs of Arusha Township to sanctify the Holy Month of Ramadhan.

The Holy month gives the opportunity to the believing men and women to spend and serve in the way of Allah SWT and earn the blessings of the Almighty.

Basic necessities of food items which include Beans, Cow Peas, Rice, Sugar, Maize Flour, Oil, and Dates were distributed to their houses.

Kibowa Orphanage which caters for 45 orphans, Unga Ltd, Lemara, Izadeen, Ngarenaro and 15 students at a center at Kwa Iddi were also assisted.



The Missions branch in Mwanza conducts daily recitation of the Holy Quran and completes two recitations in the Holy month. The program commences from 4:30 pm in the evening and ends at 6:30 pm.

Shiekh Hashim Ramadhani conducts a session on jurisprudal issues pertaining the Holy Month followed by question and answers.

Apart from the daily schedule Mwanza Bilal also reaches out to the Muslims living in the suburbs of the city. The Mission is grateful to the donors of the 4wd double cab vehicle which facilitates the exercise with ease.

Karutanga, Ishamba, Singida and Mwanza branch have been the beneficiaries of the relief packages from Bilal Muslim Mission of Tanzania, WIPAHS and Desk and Chair Foundation.


Activities of recitation of Quran along with breaking of fasts in the holy month of Ramadhan was organised by Bilal Muslim Mission branch in Mwanza at Manthare village situated 54 kms from Mwanza city. Out of 30 days, 10 days Iftar from 12th to 21st holy month of Ramadhan (breaking fast) was sponsored by WIPAHS.


We wish to put on record the financial support received from the World Federation and the Africa Federation for the Ramadhan Relief Fund contributed by our community members worldwide, this has greatly helped many families during the holy month of Ramadhan for meals (food rations), sharing and caring for those who are less fortunate.

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