Bilal Muslim Mission of Arusha and Abu Baseer Specialist Eye Clinic with the permission of the Zanzibar National Eye Coordinator’s office and blessings of The Ministry of Health and Social Welfare of the Zanzibar Government organized the above in Pemba,


Pemba Airport- Standing Left to right

  1. Mr. Jaffer Somji  ( Optometrist)
  2. Mr. Medson Zacharia ( Senior Ophthalmic Nurse)
  3. Dr. Kazim Dhalla ( Ophthalmologist)
  4. Mr. Ali  Rashid ( Ophthalmic assistant and In charge of eye department- Chake)
  5. Mr. Muhammad Rustam ( Volunteer)
  6. Mr. Abdulla Muhammad ( Nursing assistant)
  7. Mr. AbdulRasul Alidina ( Volunteer)


Chake Chake hospital – Pemba


The team arrived in Chake Chake hospital at 1600 Hrs and straight away went to work. Cataract patients had already been admitted by Mr. Ali Rashid and a confirmatory examination was done by the doctors while the volunteers prepared the list for surgery.

Surgeries started on Saturday morning and 29 cataract surgeries were performed till late evening while the other team was screening patients at the OPD. More patients were admitted and the following day, Sunday, 25 cataract surgeries were performed including second eyes of those who had bilateral matured cataracts, thus 54 eyes of 44 patients were operated in two days.

It was all smiles after the surgery especially for those who were bilaterally blind for a long time.  All patients were given drops to use and counselled on how to take care of their eyes for best outcome before being discharged from the hospital. 


The organisers appreciate the cooperation and assistance they received from all who made this camp successful. We wish to acknowledge the following individuals and organizations: 

  1. Dr. Malick Juma- The Director General, Ministry of Health and Social Welfare, Zanzibar.
  2. Dr. Fatma Kao- The Zanzibar National Eye Care Coordinator
  3. Zanair – For transporting the Operating Microscope
  4. CCBRT Disability Hospital - for lending the Operating Microscope
  5. Emslies Travel Agents
  6. Zamzam Stationeries
  8. Mr. Hanif AbdulRasul
  9. Mr. Murtaza Dhalla
  10. All the volunteers

Before surgery – She did not even know where to look for the photograph. Notice the dense, white cataract in both her eyes. She has lived with these cataracts for a long time waiting for this simple surgery to enable her to see her lovely grandchildren.

After surgery- she is happy and eager to go home to her grandchildren. She was not very keen to smile because she is now concerned she has no teeth! It is time for a dental camp now.

Report by:

Dr. Kazim A Dhalla

Consultant Ophthalmologist

Thank You

The Federation of KSI Jamaats of Africa also wish to aknowledge and extend its appreciation to the Organizers, Doctors, Volunteers and all those who assisted in one way or the other in this important and worthy exercise to assist people who suffer from eye diseases and those having problems with their eye sight. We also wish to commend the Bilal Muslim Mission of Tanzania for coordinating these programs.

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