In order to learn from lessons from the great sacrifice of Imam Hussein (as) Bilal Muslim Mission of Kenya organized a seminar in Samburu Secondary School for the students. This was attended by a total of 994 Students from 14 different schools.


The first paper entitled "Early history of Islam and lessons from Imam Hussein (as)" was presented by Sheikh Hadi Valdipour. In this paper he emphasized on:

  • The basic tenets of Islam
  • The lineage of Imam Hussein (as)
  • The reasons Imam Hussein (as) was forced to rise up against the caliphate
  • Human rights in Imam Hussein (as) message

The second paper entitled "Bani Ommayyid" was presented by Brother Hassan Rocky Chupi, he elaborated on:

  • Who was Muawiyyah and his rule
  • Fabrication of ahadith
  • Uprising of Imam Hussein (as) compared to the current times.

 The participants had a salaat break thereafter; followed by a Question and Answer forum, which was aimed to provide more information to the students about the areas covered in the discussions.


The Mission distributed free reading literature to all the participants of the seminar.

Comment from the Principal:


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