As Muslims around the world celebrated Eid Ul Fitr with festivity, people in Eastern Africa continued to suffer in silence; this is due to the worst drought the area has witnessed in 60 years.

This has had a domino effect on prices of basic necessities such as food. The malnutrition rates in the country have risen drastically; the people mainly affected are the children. Families struggle to provide a basic meal and sometimes wonder where their next meal will come from. It is expected that this situation will continue until December 2011.


Magarini is a quiet town 50 kms of Malindi (situated on the Coastal Strip in Kenya) has been one of the worst affected areas of drought; the people who reside in this area are mostly farmers. Due to short rains, erratic and poorly distributed long rains have resulted in poor or no farm produce at all. Last year this area was flooded and the farms were destroyed thus resulting in failure of food crops. This area has being facing harsh conditions for almost three years now. The communities have no access to fresh water or well water, they have to travel long distances to places where wells are sunk to receive briny water which is used for both domestic and drinking purposes. The main occupation of the people in this area is subsistence farming, cash cropping and small scale fishing.

Bilal Muslim Mission of Kenya managed to liaise with local councilor and the Chief who arranged for the distribution of maize flour to the locals residing in that area. People attended the distribution in large numbers, men women and children to receive the relief aid. Over 3700 individuals have benefited from this Relief Distribution carried out by the Mission. The distribution was done in conjunction with Kenya Red Cross, Mombasa and Malindi Branches.


The team from Bilal Muslim Mission Of Kenya, Br. Mujtaba Peera, Br. B A Ahmedali, Br. Ammar Nyawa and Br. Ismail Were, alongwith team members from Malindi Red Cross Branch Br Hassan Musa, Sis Kauthar Mohamed, the Food Monitors, Volunteers and the truck driver assisted in the distribution of 19 tons of Maize Flour at Musumarini Village and Kurwa Kanagoni Villages, Fundisha Location, Magarini Division, Malindi District which is 40 km from Malindi Town with a population of 31,475 people. The team was received by Mr. Francis Kazungu, location Chief and Mr. Stanley Karisa, area Councilor.

They appreciated the concern the Bilal Muslim Mission of Kenya has shown for the sufferings of the people who are residing much further. They described the anguish and distress the communities faced all these years due to shortage or no rains. They conveyed their thanks and appreciation to all the organizations and individuals that had joined hands in donating generously towards this relief.


The Mission records its appreciation to Jaffery Academy of Mombasa, KSI Jamaat of Mombasa, Kenya Red Cross - Mombasa and Malindi branches and to all individual donors for their gracious support enabling timely assistance to the people affected by the persistent droughts.

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September 2011

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