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Amira Housing Project in Dar es Salaam Takes Off


The sacred month of Dhul Hijjah brings with it glad tidings and hope. By the Grace and Blessings of Allah (SWT), the Africa Federation Housing Development Board has embarked on yet another notable housing project in Dar es Salaam, named Amira Residency.

This Housing Development Project is meant for the first time buyers as outlined in the Vision of the Chairman of the Africa Federation, Alhaj Shabirbhai Najafi during his term 2016-2019.

The project consists of a car park facility in the basement, ground and first floor, and 40 apartments out of which 20 are 4 bedroomed and 20 are 3 bedroomed with a spacious terrace.
All the required amenities for the building are part of the design and included in the specifications, such as ceiling fans, water heaters, air conditioners in every room with hardwood doors and kitchen cabinet made of hardwood with granite top, just to mention a few.

The building will have two (2) lifts each of 13 persons capacity. Two (2) standby diesel generators and a separate transformer for electrical will also be provided. Fresh water tanks made of good quality fibre material with a total capacity of 40 M3 on the terrace will be provided for the residents; an additional 40 M3 reservoir underground tank will also be installed to ensure continuous flow of fresh water.

Insha’Allah this project is aimed to complete in two and half years (2 ½ Yrs.) from the date of hand over of the site and mobilization by the contractor.

We are grateful to Alhaj Ahmed bhai Daya of the United Kingdom, a good supporter and the backbone of the housing projects for his concerted efforts to solicit funds for the purchase of the plot and for the construction of this building.

Below is a brief outline of the processes undertaken so far:

July 2017 Purchase of the plot was finalized
Nov 2017 The Title Deed was transferred in the name of Africa Federation
Dec 2017 – April 2018 Planning, designing, approvals and permits were obtained
4 May 2018 The old structure on the plot was demolished
28 May 2018 Ground Breaking Ceremony took place coinciding on the Wiladat of Imam Hassan (A.S.) – 13th Mahe Ramadhan (1439 A.H.)
June – July 2018 Documentation / Tendering Process was done
29 July 2018 Negotiation with the contractor was done in the presence of the Board of Trustees, Office Bearers and the Housing Development Board of the Africa Federation
30 July 2018 Signing of the contract was done
6th August 1st site meeting with the contractor took place and the handing over of the plot was done
10th Aug 2018 Commencement of the Project.

One of the key areas of the AFED Housing Development Board mission is to facilitate good and reasonably priced housing for middle-income earners of our member Jamaats in Africa. We would recommend all those who wish to become “Home Owners” to apply in time. The application and the process for acquiring apartments for Amira Housing Project will be released to the members in due course.

Below: Photographs of the first site meeting with the contractor, M/s. Mohammedi Builders during the handover of the plot on Monday, 6th August 2018.

The Chairman of Housing Development Board of AFED, Alhaj Akil Hirji would like to sincerely thank the AFED Chairman, Alhaj Shabirbhai Najafi for his untiring support and guidance all the time, the trustees, office bearers and members of the AFED Housing Development Board. Special thanks to our Legal Advisor for the voluntary services extended to the Board and also to the AFED Administration and Finance sections for their valuable support.

We also convey our sincere appreciation and thanks to our main supporter of the Housing Development – Alhaj Ahmedbhai Daya of the U.K. who has committed his full and continuous support to solicit funds towards this project up to its completion. We pray for his good health, long life and success – Ameen.

We take this opportunity also to thank most sincerely all our supporters and well-wishers for their support towards all our projects, we pray to the Almighty to grace them all with strength, good health and long life. May Allah (SWT) reward them amply here and in the hereafter – Ameen.

We seek your prayers, support and encouragement to accomplish this project within the timeframe – Insha’Allah.

Hon. Secretary
AFED Housing Development Board