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On Saturday, 1st February 2014, the Office Bearers of Africa Federation, AFTAB and Central Bilal Board (CBB) had the opportunity to host the five Sheikhs from Institue Islamique De Madagascar (INISMA) who were on a private visit to Dar es Salaam to attend the wedding of Sheikh Sabir Alihoussein of Antananarivo, Madagascar, the wedding took place on Thursday, 30th January 2014 in Dar es Salaam, Tanzania. The Chairman of Africa Federation, Alhaj Anwarali Dharamsi extended best wishes and heartiest congratulations to Sheikh Sabir and his wife, Latifa Bai on behalf of AFED.


INISMA in Madagascar is equivalent to Bilal Muslim Mission in mainland Africa; they are involved in external Tableegh activities, running Madressahs, Hawza, Social and Media Services etc. in several towns of Madagascar and in the nearby Islands.

The INISMA Head Quarters is located in Antananarivo, where several activities are taking place including the Radio and TV stations, AFED is supporting the two stations for Tableegh activities and Islamic programs through Conseil Regional of Madagascar (CROI).


A meeting was held in AFED main office in Dar es Salaam on Saturday, 1st February with the visiting Sheikhs from INISMA. They were; Sheikh Munir Alihoussen, Secretary General of INISMA, Sheikh Younous Hassanaly, Member of INISMA, Sheikh Zakir Nourmamod, Director of Madrasat Darul-Hikma, Sheikh Salim Ma’aruf, Mudir of Madrasat Darul-Hikma and Sheikh Sabir Alihoussen, Member of INISMA. AFED was represented by Alhaj Aunali Khalfan, Hon. Secretary, Alhaj Mohamed Hemani, Hon. Treasurer and from Central Bilal Board (CBB) was the Vice Chairman, Alhaj Mohamedraza Dewji and the Chairman of Africa Federation Tableegh Board (AFTAB), Seyed Hassan Naqvi also attended the meeting.

The topic discussed centered mainly on the various Tableegh activities being carried out by INISMA in Madagascar and the current and future developmental plans of building Mosques and Madressahs in several towns where presently they are temporary structures which does not fulfill the needs of the Shia community in these towns/villages. They also talked about the challenges they face lately due to the upsurge of some other Tableegh institutions in Madagascar, whose aims and objectives are not known clearly. 

At the meeting, Marhum Roshan Bhai Jamil and Marhum Hassim Bhai Abdoulmomin were remembered for their past services in INISMA and for their dedications in Tableegh work.


There is also a plan to build an Orphanage Centre and the acquisition of about 6 acres of land for future expansion and economic upliftment of the local Shia community. Funds will be required for these developments. AFED explained that all such requirements should be channeled through the Regional Council of Madagascar (CROI) in accordance with our policy and protocols.

INISMA has recently sent 45 students to Hawza in Najaf, Iraq for crash programs religious studies. They are also running schools and Madressahs in Antananarivo, Madagascar for the local Shia population and converts. AFED commended INISMA for the good work they do in providing secular and religious education to the local Shia population in Madagascar, and stated that Bilal Muslim Mission has a lot to learn from them.

The Sheikhs commended Africa Federation and Bilal Muslim Mission of Tanzania being pioneers in establishing and promoting external Tableegh, from where many students and some Sheikhs and Ma’alims in INISMA have acquired religious education and training in running the Tableegh centres and Madressahs. They expressed profound appreciation to the Chairman and Office Bearers of the Africa Federation for the support they receive for the TV and Radio Stations and Ramadhan Relief Fund, the support which go a long way in supplementing the needs of the families in Madagascar rural and suburbs areas.



INISMA has extended invitations to Africa Federation Office Bearers, Central Bilal Board, Bilal Muslim Missions of Tanzania, Kenya and Uganda and AFTAB to attend the opening ceremonies of the Mosques and Centres in Majunga and Nosybe in August 2014. The Mosques and Centres are undergoing major upgrading from present temporary structures to permanent ones. There are presently 60 Centres of INISMA big and small throughout Madagascar.

We pray to Allah (SWT) to reward amply all those involved in the noble work of spreading the religion of Islam and the Madh’ab of Ahlulbayt (A.S.), we pray for their long and good health and success in their endeavors, Ameen.


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