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The Africa Federation Chairman, Alhaj Anwarali Dharamsi accompanied by the Hon. Secretary, Alhaj Aunali Khalfan visited Mwanza Jamaat on Sunday 15th and Monday 16th December 2013. The AFED delegation also visited Bilal Muslim Mission of Tanzania, Mwanza Branch Centre which is located in Mwanza town.

Like several other upcountry Jamaats in Tanzania, Our Community population has been decreasing over the past 10 years and currently stands at around 300 persons. There are 120 registered members. Most of the youth who go overseas for higher education do not come back, and some families have migrated from Mwanza to join their children.

The AFED Chairman congratulated the newly elected Office Bearers, Managing Committee Members and the Trustees of the Jamaat following the AGM held in September, 2013. The new team is led by Alhaj Mehboob Rajabali.

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The meeting with the Jamaat covered several important areas, including the development opportunities of the Mwanza Jamaat and its membership. Mehboob Bhai also explained on the Jamaat’s fixed assets which are in prime locations in Mwanza town. AFED Chairman underscored the need for the Jamaat to remain focused in the areas such as Tableegh, Madressah and in developing cordial relationships with other communities and other faiths in Mwanza. He also pointed out that the community in parts of the world is passing through difficult times; he stressed the need to exercise caution and restraint.

The AFED Chairman was pleased to learn that the Madressah in Mwanza, The Vision Learning Centre (VLC) which is operating under the patronage of Alhaj Murtaza Alloo has come out with flying colours during the 9th AFED Qura’n competition in Arusha recently, he said while we commend the VLC, we must also appreciate the teachers, students and parents for showing keen interest in Qur’an and in religious studies.

Several other topics were covered, including the challenges being faced by the Jamaat in realizing good income from its real estate which has not been keeping pace with the time and changes taking place in the market.

The Jamaat was requested to ensure that they participate in the AFED events, like the Sports Festival, Youth Seminars, Leadership Development Programs and other programs being organized by AFTAB. The Jamaat was informed that the Women’s Board will be visiting Mwanza, and it will be an excellent opportunity for the Mwanza Jamaat women to meet with them and also to discuss on the Women & Family small scale commercial upliftment scheme which will shortly be launched.  

At night, after Maghribain prayers, the visiting Zakir, Maulana Sheikh Ilyas Husain from India recited majlis, followed by Matam and followed by Alhaj Anwarali’s address to the community. In his address, he outlined briefly the various activities of the Africa Federation and also stressed community member’s support to the Jamaat so that the Jamaat in turn can also assist the needy and deserving members from its income derived out of the Jamaat’s properties. He stressed the importance of the centralization of Hukook funds and appealed to the community to remit Hukook to AFED, he explained that some of these funds would be used for the Jamaat’s needs in areas where it is permissible under the Ijazah granted to him by the Marja-e-Taqleed, Ayatollah Seyyed Ali Husseini al Sistani.

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The AFED Office Bearers also met with some community members in the Jamaat’s office, which was also attended by the Jamaat’s Office Bearers and Trustees. Discussions were fruitful and encouraging.

The Jamaat is currently in the process of reviewing the Jamaat’s Constitution which was drawn in 1968, and is overdue for review and amendments. AFED Chairman was informed that the Jamaat’s Trustees are in the process of updating all the Leases of the Jamaat’s buildings which are mostly rented by our community members.

The AFED delegation visited the various properties of the Jamaat and had brief discussion with the Jamaat’s Chairman on the future plans, and extension or rebuilding of some of the properties to increase Jamaat’s income.

A visit was also made to Bilal Muslim Mission of Tanzania – Mwanza Branch. The Bilal Mwanza Branch Chairman, Alhaj Sibtain Meghjee showed the AFED delegation the Centre and some renovation work being carried out at the Centre, following the visit to Mwanza by the CBB Vice Chairman, Alhaj Mohamedraza Dewji and the Bilal Muslim Mission of Tanzania Chairman, Alhaj Riyaz Nasser.

Several religious events and social services are undertaken by the Bilal Mwanza Branch, in the Lake Zone. They are also planning for the blood donation drive during the Wafat commemoration of the Holy Prophet, Hazrat Muhammad al Mustafa (SAWW).

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The AFED Chairman in his address, thanked the former Chairman of the Jamaat, Alhaj Sibtain Meghjee for his services to the community, and he was pleased to see a motivated team of some experienced members and the youths who have come forward to serve.

We wish to thank the Mwanza Jamaat and the Community members for their support and cooperation, and for the warm hospitality.

We also wish to thank Alhaj Sibtain Meghjee, Chairman of Bilal Mwanza Branch, and Maalim Hashim for giving their valuable time for the various activities and events in promoting Islam and the Madh’ab of Ahlulbait (A.S.)



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