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                                                 Artist’s impression of the building

We are pleased to send out this 5th update to our community members in Africa and overseas on the progress of the constructionof “Al Qa’eem building. The last update was issued in July, 2013.

The AFED building named after Imam of our time, Al Mahdi (ATFS) - “AL QA’EEM” is located on Plot 9 Jacaranda Road, Arusha - Tanzania. The eight storey building consists of 24 flats (each floor will have - two flats of 2 bedrooms and one flat of 3 bedrooms). This Housing Project is for the deserving members of our community in Arusha.

The construction work of “Al Qa’eem” commenced in August 2012 after the Government and Town Council requirements for the building and other permits were completed. Insha’allah, the delivery of the building is expected by March/April 2014.

Since the last report issued by the AFED Secretariat in July 2013, the Project in Arusha is progressing well and is on schedule.

The eight floor building is complete and the contractor is presently working on interiors and fixtures, like cupboards, cabinets etc. in the flats, it is expected to be completed by February/March 2014.

The Housing Project Development Committee is in the process of obtaining the transformer for electrical supply to comply with the government regulations. The two elevators for the building which were ordered few months ago are expected to arrive shortly in Arusha.

We wish to inform the community members that the housing needs in our community is growing rapidly, this is due to acute shortage of affordable housing in major cities and towns in Tanzania caused by the rising of urbanization/demography changes of the population, and also as result of displacement of many families due to the ongoing demolition of the old National Housing Corporation buildings in the cities and some major towns. This exercise is aimed for construction of high rise buildings being developed by private investors and some in partnership with the NHC, a Government Institution. As a result, the low-income earners in our community are now facing major challenges due to high rent being asked for these new flats.

A visit by the Hon. Secretary of the Africa Federation in September, 2013 and the Al Qa’eem Housing Project Committee Members explaining to him on the ongoing works.

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Finance Status of the Project:

The total cost of the project is US$2.8M, and there remains a deficit of US$500,000 to finish the Project

We appeal to the members of our community and well-wishers everywhere to support this noble project generously; Hukuk funds can also be utilized for this project; to make-up the shortfall.

Overseas members who wish to donate funds for the above project can do so through the Regional Federations or through the World Federation.


The AFED Secretariat is pleased to acknowledge the services and guidance provided by Alhaj Munawar Bharwani, Alhaj Sajjad Versi, Alhaj Shabbir Virjee and Alhaj Rizwan Sajan – members of the Al Qa’eem Housing Project Committee, their consistent follow-ups and site visits are of invaluable benefits towards this project.

We are also very grateful to the Khoja Shia Ithna-Asheri Jamaat of Arusha for their continuous support and cooperation.

We wish to thank all the donors and the well-wishers for their financial support in this project. May Allah (SWT) grant them and the members of the Housing Project Committee good health, long life and increase in their tawfeeq’at to continue supporting such projects for the noble cause, Ameen.



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