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The Chairman of Africa Federation, Alhaj Anwarali Dharamsi accompanied by the Vice Chairman Alhaj Shabir Najafi, Hon. Treasurer Alhaj Mohamed Hemani and the President of Arusha Jamaat Alhaj Gulamhussein Mukhtar travelled to Nairobi on Saturday 2nd November 2013 to attend the Ground Breaking Ceremony of the Nairobi Shia Asna Asheri Jamaat (SAAJ) Housing Project (Below is the model of the building).



The Project comprises a Basement plus five storey building which shall have 35 units of three (3) bedrooms apartments, and car parking facilities for the owners of the apartments. The plot acquired in May 2011 is conveniently located close to the Jaffery Islamic Centre, El-Molo Drive, off James Gichuru Road, Nairobi.

The Plot was purchased in 2011 through a Bridging Loan of US$1M facilitated by the Federation of KSI Jamaats of Africa (AFED) to Nairobi Jamaat (SAAJ).

The Ground Breaking Ceremony took place on Sunday 3rd November 2013 and was attended by the AFED Office Bearers, Nairobi Jamaat Chairman Alhaj Murtaza Kanani, AFED Trustee Alhaj Ebrahim Jaffer, Nairobi Jamaat Trustees and Office Bearers.

Also, the past AFED Chairman Alhaj Ramzan Nanji, President of Arusha Jamaat Alhaj Gulamhussein Mukhtar, Chairman of Nakuru Jamaat Alhaj Mohamed Zeeshan and his office bearers, Nairobi Jamaat Resident Aalim Sheikh Nur, Chairman of the Housing Project Committee Alhaj Mohamed Hassanali, the Vice Chairman Alhaj Feeroz Jagani, members of the Project Committee, and members of the Nairobi Jamaat were among those present at the ceremony.



This Project will provide houses to first time home owners in our community, affording to become owners of an asset, at a reasonable cost. The present market indicators in Nairobi show the real estate properties will continue to appreciate in value.

The Housing Project Committee was appointed by the General Body in January 2013 to oversee the project which is expected to be ready within 18 months and operates in accordance with the Terms of Reference (TOR) drawn and agreed upon at the Extra Ordinary General Meeting held on 24th February, 2013

Following are the Housing Project Committee members (HPC) appointed:

  1. Alhaj Mohamed Hassanali – Chairman
  2. Alhaj Feeroz Jagani – Vice Chairman
  3. Alhaj Aleemabbas Moledina – Hon. Secretary
  4. Alhaj Mustafa Pirmohamed – Hon. Treasurer
  5. Alhaj Mohamed P. Bandali – Member
  6. Alhaj Mohamed Kermalli – Member
  7. Alhaj Hussein Rashid – Member
  8. Alhaj Mehboob Moledina – SAAJ Trustee
  9. Alhaj Akber M. A. Jaffer – SAAJ Trustee
  10. Alhaj Ebrahim Jaffer – SAAJ Trustee

Meeting with the Nairobi Jamaat and Members

The AFED Chairman, Vice Chairman and Hon Treasurer took the opportunity of their visit to Nairobi to meet up with the newly elected Chairman Alhaj Murtaza Kanani and his Managing Committee to discuss on the project and other pertinent issues relating to the Jamaat an.  The meeting was also attended by the Chairman and members of the Housing Project Committee and elders of the Community. The Chairman of Arusha Jamaat Alhaj Gulamhussein Mukhtar and Chairman of Nakuru Jamaat Alhaj Mohamed Zeeshan also graced the meeting with their presence.


Enclosed herewith are some more photographs of the model of the housing project in Nairobi for the SAAJ community members in Nairobi.


Download:  Nairobi Jamaat Housing Project Model Photographs (PDF, 1.86MB)

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