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Through a Bridging Loan of US$1M facilitated by the Federation of KSI Jamaats of Africa to Nairobi Jamaat (SAAJ), a prime plot for a residential building was acquired at the scenic Lavington area, the property is conveniently located close to the Jaffery Islamic Centre, El-Molo Drive, off James Gichuru Road, Nairobi.

The Jaffery Islamic Centre, being a well thought of project by the leaders and developed with the support of some philanthropists of our community is the first of its kind and a model to emulate by other Jamaats of the Africa Federation. The Ultra-Modern Complex serves conveniently most of the requirements of the community under one roof; it includes a Mosque, Imambargha, Madressah, Multi-Purpose Hall, Sports Ground, Canteen, Restaurant and the Jaffery Islamic Academy which provides secular education from kindergarten to 'A' levels, with the current student population of 660 and is growing each year. We congratulate the elders of the community for their farsightedness and for providing an impressive complex for our community use.

SAAJ Housing Project – Nairobi, Kenya

A vision of the Jamaat's present leadership is highly commendable; this will provide houses to the first time home buyers, affording to become owners of an asset, at a reasonable cost. The present market indicators in Nairobi show the real estate properties will continue to appreciate.

Housing Project Committee of SAAJ

Following are the Committee members (HPC) entrusted with the Housing Project, from the start to completion, the Committee Members were appointed during the EOGM of SAAJ held on in January, 2013. The SAAJ Chairman, Alhaj Aasif Karim and the Trustees are the ex-officio members of the Committee.

1.         Alhaj Mohamed Hassanali – Chairman

2.         Alhaj Feeroz Jagani – Vice Chairman

3.         Alhaj Aleemabbas Moledina – Hon. Secretary

4.         Alhaj Mustafa Pirmohamed – Hon. Treasurer

5.         Alhaj Mohamed P. Bandali – Member

6.         Alhaj Mohamed Kermalli – Member

7.         Alhaj Hussein Rashid –Member

8.         Alhaj Mehboob Moledina – SAAJ Trustee

9.         Alhaj Akber M. A. Jaffer – SAAJ Trustee

10.    Alhaj Ebrahim Jaffer – SAAJ Trustee

The Committee will operate in accordance with the Terms of Reference (TOR) drawn and agreed upon at the EOGM held on 24th February, 2013.

Transforming the SAAJ Vision into Reality:

HPC have covered considerable ground for this project in a reasonable span of time, they have already met with the Architects, Consultants, Engineers and the Government Authorities to seek technical information, plans, permits etc. The 5 storey building shall have 35 units of three (3) bedrooms apartment, and car parking facilities for the owners of the apartments. The entire project will be carried out to meet the City Council and the By-Laws of the relevant authorities. HPC have indicated completion of the Project in eighteen (18) months time, Insha'allah.

The plot has been cleared of the old building and trees etc. ready for the construction work to begin anytime once the documentations and tender formalities are finalized in the next couple of weeks.


HPC indicated that a new policy of the City Council of Nairobi is in the offing, there may be a possibility to put up two more floors and this will bring up to 48 apartments, some alterations in the structure design and specifications will be required.

During the meeting in Nairobi on Sunday, 25th August 2013 with SAAJ Managing Committee, SAAJ Trustees and HPC with AFED Office Bearers, fruitful discussions ensued, and most of the pending issues were clarified and cleared. The AFED Chairman, Alhaj Anwarali Dharamsi reiterated the purpose and the objective of the SAAJ Housing Project, and he reassured the Jamaat of AFED's support and cooperation.

48 applications for the apartments have been received so far from SAAJ members, more applications are expected as the project progresses.

On subject of the housing for the needy members of the Jamaat who are not many in number, and also those from the lower income stratum who are in need of reasonable accommodation and not affording the high market rent being levied by landlords, Alhaj Anwarali asked the Jamaat to look into these requirements and come up with a proposal for a Housing Scheme to cater for them, and assured AFED will support the Jamaat in such initiatives.


A brief report of the visit to Nairobi by AFED office bearers:

Earlier on, the AFED Office Bearers and SAAJ Managing Committee Members met in SAAJ (Jamaat) office at Jaffery Complex. SAAJ Chairman, Alhaj Aasif Karim was on overseas visit, hence he was deputized by his Vice Chairman, Alhaj Inayat Firdausi.

The meeting lasted for about two hours, covering wide spectrum of issues pertaining to AFED and the Jamaat activities including the future plans. The AFED Chairman expressed his pleasure to witness the good team work and the vibrancy of the Nairobi Jamaat, in religious, social and community developments.

The Hon. Secretary of SAAJ, Alhaj Aleemabbas Moledina briefed the AFED Chairman and Office Bearers on the SAAJ Housing Project and the progress made so far. AFED Chairman thanked the Jamaat for the work that have been done so far and stressed on the importance to remain focused on the main objective of the project and adhere to the set criteria for a smooth and successful accomplishment of the Housing Project in time.

On a different note, the AFED Chairman, Alhaj Anwarali emphasized on the collection of Khums from our members in Nairobi Jamaat, he reiterated his willingness to utilize a big portion of the Sahme Imam (AS) from Hukuk collections in the Jamaat for the Jamaat's projects and other needs to which Hukuk money is permitted to be utilized. He drew the attention of the Jamaat towards the need to educate members, and explain regarding the centralization process that exists in the AFED and the accountability we carry for the proper use of the Hukuk receipts.


The role of a Resident Aalim was also discussed, especially in the wake of the current challenges being faced by the followers of Ahlul Bayt (AS). Similarly, members were updated on the development of the Madressah Centre of Excellence (MCE) being undertaken by the World Federation of KSI Muslim Communities in collaboration with the Regional Federations. The importance of the Role of Madressah in our community was stressed. The AFED Hon. Secretary, Alhaj Aunali Khalfan informed that AFTAB will provide regular updates to the Jamaat Secretariat on the development of this project.

Emphasis by both SAAJ and AFED were directed towards the Youth and Women activities, areas such as Capacity Building, Sports Festivals, Marriage Seminars, and Counselling for the engaged couples and the young married couples etc. It was agreed that close and effective coordination is required, especially between the Women's Board and Jamaat's Women Representative.

It was stated that the Higher Education Loan Repayments are not flowing in on time, and some students are defaulting. The AFED Hon. Secretary pointed out that the Jamaat is responsible to ensure that their members fulfill their obligations, as otherwise other eligible students may suffer due to cash flow constraints. The new fillable forms for Higher Education Loan will soon be uploaded in the AFED Website.

The SAAJ Vice Chairman pointed out on the need to improve communications for medical cases and the undertaking by the Jamaats when sending their patients to Nairobi for admission and medical treatment in the hospitals. He quoted recent cases whereby Jamaats do not communicate clearly, especially in regards to financial undertaking.


We wish to express our profound appreciation for the warm reception and wonderful hospitality accorded to the AFED Office Bearers by the SAAJ - Nairobi Jamaat, and special thanks go to the AFED Kenyan Trustee, Alhaj Ebrahim Jaffer, the SAAJ Trustees and the Housing Project Committee Members for informative and fruitful meeting. We are also very grateful to all the members for their valuable time spent in the meetings during the visit by the AFED Office Bearers to Nairobi.



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