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phase_3_2Artist's impression of the building

We are pleased to send out this 3rd update to our community members locally and abroad on the progress of the construction of "AL QA'EEM" Building.

The AFED Building named after our 12th Imam Al Hujjah (ATFS) - "AL QA'EEM" is located on our Plot 9 Jacaranda Road, Arusha - Tanzania. The official Ground-Breaking of this Building took place in March 2012.

The eight (8) floors building will consist of 24 flats (each floor will have two flats of 2 bedrooms and one of 3 bedrooms). The "AL QA'EEM" Housing Project is for the deserving members of our community in Arusha.

The construction of the Building is undertaken by a prominent construction company from Dar es Salaam, M/s. Super Construction Company Ltd. The construction works started in August, 2012 after completing the formalities of the Government and City Council of seeking approvals, permits etc. and the delivery of the building is expected by March 2014, Insha'Allah.

Following the last report issued by the AFED Secretariat in December 2012, progress of the construction of the Building since then has been remarkable, we are optimistic that the completion of this project will be in line with the timeframe agreed upon with the Contractor.

Here below are some recent photographs of the construction works of "AL QA'EEM" Building in Arusha Township.

Construction works has now reached 6th floor of the 8 floors building (front view)


Construction works has now reached 6th floor of the 8 floors building (an angle view)


Finance Status of the Project:

The total cost of the project is US$2.8M, the breakdown is as follows:-

Funds received:      US$: 1,429,205.00
Pending Pledges:  US$:    310,000.00
Shortfall:                  US$: 1,060,795.00

We appeal to the members of our community and well-wishers in Africa and abroad to support this noble project generously, Hukuk funds can also be utilized for this project; shortfall currently stands at US$ 1,060,795.00.

Construction works has now reached 6th floor of the 8 floors building (a side view)


Housing Project Development Committee:

The AFED Housing Project Development Committee is headed by Br. Munawer Bharwani, who is also the Chairman of the AFED Housing Development Board, the Project Committee includes three Arusha based Committee Members, they are; Br. Sajjad Versi, Br. Shabbir Virjee, Br. Rizwan Sajan. The Secretary to the Committee is Br. Salimali Panjwani, who is based in Dar es Salaam. We commend the dedication and commitment of the Housing Project Development Committee towards this project. We also thank Arusha Jamaat for their cooperation and support

We pray to Allah (SWT) to grant our members, donors, well-wisher and the supporters good health, long life and increase in their tawfiqa'at to continue supporting such projects for a noble cause.

Overseas members who wish to donate funds for the above project can do so through the Regional Federations or the World Federation.

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