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The Annual General Meeting of Bilal Muslim Mission of Kenya (BMMK) was held in the Bilal Hall on Friday, 15th March 2013 in accordance with the provisions of clause 9.2 of the BMMK Constitution.

After the Chairman's Address, the Annual Report and the Annual Audited Accounts for the year 2012 and the Budget for the year 2013-2014 were presented and adopted at the AGM, besides other businesses were transacted.

The following are the Executive Committee Members and Trustees of BMMK elected at the AGM for the term 2013-2015 as per the BMMK Constitution clause 9.3.5 and 11.1.1.

       Chairman                           – Alhaj Abbas H. M. Nasser
       Vice-Chairman                  – Alhaj Shamshir B. Mawji
       Hon. Secretary                   – Alhaj Fazleabbas M. Bhanji
       Asst. Hon. Secretary         – Alhaj Muhamed H. Jafferali
       Hon. Treasurer                  – Alhaj Husseinali M. J. Khaki
       Asst. Hon. Treasurer        – Alhaj Azim Hussein
       Committee Member         – Alhaj Mustafa M. Merali
       Trustee                               – Alhaj Sultan P. Molu
       Trustee                               – Alhaj Ahmed A. M. Jaffer
       Trustee                               – Alhaj Amirali J. Merali

The following are the Executive Committee Members and Trustees nominated by Africa Federation for the term 2013-2015 as per BMMK Constitution clause 6.2 and 11.1.2.

       Committee Member       – Alhaj Nadeem R Bandali
       Committee Member       – Alhaj Mustafa G. Peera
       Committee Member       – Alhaj Akber A. Kassamali
       Committee Member       – Alhaj Murtaza Dungersi
       Committee Member       – Alhaj Ahmed G. Dhalla
       Trustee                             – Alhaj Abbas H. M. Nasser
       Trustee                             – Alhaj Gulamabbas Khaku

We wish to put on record the wonderful work being performed by Bilal Muslim Mission of Kenya; this is only possible due to the selfless services and dedication of the Executive Committee Members and Trustees who have whole heartedly sacrificed their time, energy and resources taking Bilal Kenya to a higher level of success and developments which we have witnessed in the last several years. We pray to Allah (SWT) for their tawfeeqat to continue serving for the Mission.

The Chairman, Alhaj Anwarali Dharamsi and the Office Bearers of Africa Federation, the Chairman of the Central Bilal Board (CBB), Alhaj Mohsin A. Lalji and CBB (Board) Members conveys their heartiest congratulations to the newly elected and nominated BMMK Executive Committee Members and Trustees. We wish to reassure BMMK of our full support and cooperation.

We wish the Executive Committee Members and the Trustees of BMMK good health, longevity of life and every success in their endeavors. We pray for the success of their efforts in service to the sacred religion of Islam and in spreading the Madha'b of the Holy Ahlulbayt (AS)


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