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On Thursday, 16th August 2018 the office bearers of the Africa Federation (AFED) had the honor to welcome Alhaj Mohamed Moledina, Vice Chairman of KSI Mwanza Jamaat in the Secretariat office in Dar Es Salaam.

It was a good opportunity to meet and to discuss various subjects of common interest of the Jamaat and AFED, also on the current trends and challenges we face in Africa, similarly in other parts of the world.

Various subjects were covered during the meeting, including the current economic challenges faced by the community in several parts of Tanzania, including Mwanza.

The two office bearers, Alhaj Aunali Khalfan – Vice Chairman and Alhaj Hussein Karim – Hon. Secretary of AFED stressed on education, especially higher education for our youth who should pursue degree courses after completing A levels secondary education in the country.

Emphases were also made on Career Guidance to our students from an early stage while they are in the secondary schools utilizing the services of a professional Career Counselor. This will be beneficial also for identifying appropriate career paths leading to an ideal career for future.  The AFED Education Board (EBS) does provide such professional services to our students from the member Jamaats.

Mwanza Jamaat over the years has made great strides in Madressah, especially with the introduction of VLC which is managed by Alhaj Murtaza Najafali Alloo, member of Mwanza Jamaat. Murtaza bhai has put his heart and soul in the Madressah the results we have been observing for the past many years during the annual AFED Qur’an Competition where students from Mwanza come out with flying colours in the Competition. The efforts and dedication of Mwanza Jamaat also in Madressah is worth mentioning.

On the economic development, Alhaj Aunali Khalfan stressed to the Vice Chairman of Mwanza Jamaat that the focus is now shifting from the petty businesses to a more structured and long term developments whereby AFED can assist member Jamaats to develop their properties through different schemes which can be worked out jointly. The underline strategy is for the member Jamaats to increase their yields from the commercial properties and generate income to sustain itself for posterity and in assisting its members, in areas such as education to bring about the socio-economic growth in the community.

Alhaj Mohamed bhai provided a detailed report of the Mwanza Jamaat and the existing challenges with the plan to overcome some of these challenges, mostly faced by several Jamaats due to the dwindling membership and the adverse economic climate which exists currently.

Both, AFED office bearers and Mwanza Jamaat Vice Chairman were with a common opinion that it is important to motivate members of the Jamaat to put more efforts in supporting the students both in secular and religious education in order to bring about better prospects and increase in intellectual levels in our community, this will ensure long term development taking our community to greater height of success and progress.

AFED office bearers will be visiting the Mwanza Jamaat soon to continue with the discussions and look at various opportunities for a joint project for the future developments.

We pray for the good health and long life of all our leaders and members of our community. We also pray for the wellbeing and success of all member Jamaats for the benefit of our communities – Ameen.

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