The Africa Federation Chairman Alhaj Shabir Najafi, Vice Chairman Alhaj Aunali Khalfan and Honorary Secretary, Alhaj Hussein Karim visited Kinshasa in the Democratic Republic of Congo from Tuesday 26th to Thursday 28th September 2017 and were joined by the AFED Nominated Councillor in Kinshasa Alhaj Saeed Vazir. This is the 2nd visit to Kinshasa, by Africa Federation.

Kinshasa Edited

The delegation were delighted to see the zeal and enthusiasm of the New Managing Committee and their keen interest to continue working closely with the Africa Federation.  The Jamaat population is about 520 heads as per the Census carried out few months ago, and it is growing gradually.

A Joint meeting between Africa Federation Delegation and the Managing Committee was held where clarifications required by the Jamaat officials on the working system and procedures with Africa Federation were provided, the Jamaat has requested for training sessions for their Madrassah teachers to be organized and for a Leadership Development Program to be held there.  The Africa Federation Tabligh Board (AFTAB) and Capacity Building Group (CBG) are already working on this and the facilitators will inshallah travel to Kinshasa soon to carry out the training and development programs.


A visit was made to see the development of the land that the Jamaat acquired for the expansion of the Jamaat Kabrastan. The delegation was accompanied by the Jamaat Trustee and Afed Nominated Councillor, Alhaj Saeed Ali Vazir. The Kabrastan has been officially opened, this is a model Kabrastan whereby there is a big area for people to also relax when they come to Kabrastan and a good parking facilities with good security fence already constructed.

We have since been informed of the success of the Jamaat in the purchase of the Property adjacent to the Mosque. This is big milestone of achievement by the Jamaat.

A short ceremony was held by the Jamaat on 5th November 2017 to mark the official takeover of the Property by the Jamaat in the presence of Maulana Muhammad Irfan Behlool (the Alim invited by Kinshasha Jamaat for Ashra e Zainabia), Sheikh Zahid Hussein of Madressah Al Qaim, Maulana Sheikh Munir of the Lebanese Community, Maulana Syed Zulfiqar Ali of Al-Mustafa University and members of the Jamaat.

Africa Federation delegation visited few Community members in Kinshasa and were able to exchange ideas on various issues of mutual interest and the current economic situation globally. The Chairman, Shabir Najafi explained on various programs and projects of the Africa Federation being undertaken in various Jamaats. A brief report on the Madressah Centre of Excellence, External Tabligh and Education were exchanged during the visit.

The Chairman, Shabir Bhai Najafi addressed the members of the Jamaat on the eve of the 6th Night of Muharram and the delegation were able to interact with the members during the programs held in the commemoration of the event of the Tragedy of Kerbala.  



The Vice Chairman, Alhaj Aunali Khalfan extended an invitation to the Jamaat Chairman and Hon. Secretary with Board Members to visit Africa Federation Secretariat in Dar es Salaam so that they too can interact with Secretariat staff, Education and Tabligh Boards to plan future programs jointly.

The Secretariat records its sincere appreciation to Alhaj Saeed Vazir for hosting the delegation at his residence and to Alhaj Aun Ali bhai and his team for the warm hospitality and for the kind reception accorded to the Delegation on their visit to Kinshasa Jamaat and for all the arrangements made to visit the community members and Jamaat facilities.

We pray for the success of the Jamaat’s projects and the extension programs, we pray for good health, long life, success and safety of the leaders of the Jamaat, community members and the youth who being vibrancy and development in our Jamaats, Ameen.


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