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The seeking of knowledge is obligatory for every Muslim. [both male and female] – Holy Prophet Muhammad (pbuh).


The Managing Committee of KSI Jamaat of Kampala, Uganda decided to extend financial support to the Federation of KSI Jamaats of Africa (AFED) specifically for the Higher Education Loan Scheme which has been operating successfully for the past almost 40 years uninterrupted.

We are very grateful for the grant of Ug Shs: 500M (US$138K) by the KSI Jamaat of Kampala for the Higher Education to support students who qualify from our Jamaats under AFED who wish to pursue higher education within and outside the country of their domiciles.

For the past 3 years, AFED is experiencing deficit of US$150K to US$200K per annum due to surge of almost 50% in the number of applicants, this is expected to grow to US$250K in 2017/2018.  This is encouraging news as the Africa Federation Secretariat aim is to encourage more youth to pursue higher education.

The financial support from Kampala Jamaat is timely and greatly appreciated.

The mission statement of the AFED Education Board is abundantly clear –  “Understanding the philosophy that learning enriches life, develops the ability to think and communicate with clarity and precision, creates a healthy sense of self-esteem and mutual respect for others, and enhances skills that will be of lifelong value, we shall encourage academic, social and intellectual growth in our students through the promotion and facilitation of post-secondary education, and by ensuring all students have an equal opportunity to realize their dreams and aspirations for a successful career.”

The Chairman of Africa Federation, Alhaj Shabir Najafi when receiving the grant money from the President of Kampala Jamaat, Alhaj Mohammed Imran Sheriff responded with the following statement:

I am so overwhelmed and delighted, firstly as a bonafide member of Kampala Jamaat, and more importantly to witness this generous gesture of our member Jamaat coming forward to help the Federation in its quest to support students who are eligible and qualified to pursue higher education to become professionals in their fields, and improve their future and the future of their families. I would request other Jamaats who have financial resources to emulate Kampala Jamaat, as we are serving the common goals – “Educating Our Future Generation”.


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