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The Africa Federation Office Bearers held a meeting with the Boards on Tuesday 2nd May 2017 at the AFED Zahra Tower Conference Room in Dar es Salaam. This is an annual meeting bringing together Chairmen, Chairperson and Members of the Boards to discuss and ponder on pertinent issues and also to present their yearly planner. These meetings also look into the challenges faced and finding solutions to the challenges. Participants also discussed on the presentation of their reports at the forthcoming Supreme Council Session.

The Agenda of the Meeting included an overview of the current issues in connection with the Secretariat activities and projects, which was covered adequately by the Hon. Secretary, Hussein Karim. Each Board then presented their Yearly Planner of the events, activities and projects for the year 2017-2018, which are aligned with the overall vision and goals of the Africa Federation.  He also explained on the style and mode of presentation of the reports at the Supreme Council Session in Nairobi, Kenya in July 2017.
AFED Chairman in his welcome note said the Boards are the functional arms of the Secretariat and stressed on the Boards to work together and complement each other in moving forward AFED’s vision.

It was satisfying to note that the Boards are actively pursuing their roles and producing good results in meeting the aspirations of the members, they are also introducing some attractive and interactive programs for the youth and ladies.
The Chairperson of Women’s Board, Sis. Zaheeda Alishan explained on how CBG Africa can help in pursuit of the Women’s Boards’ objectives, especially concerning the young girls in our Jamaats, also the engaged and young married couples. She and some members of the Women’s Board have visited some Jamaats; plans are to cover other Jamaats in the remaining period of the term.
AFTAB member, Dr. Alihussein Moloo explained on AFTAB’s plans, including the development of the Madressah Centre of Excellence (MCE), Qur’an Competition, Continuous Development Program for Aalims, Retreat for head of Madressahs, etc.
Africa Youth Network (AYN) Vice Chairman, Br. Qamber Somji from Mombasa, Kenya provided a brief outline of the AYN’s plans and projects involving the youth of the Community. AFED Chairman emphasized the need to work together with the Education Board, CBG Africa and AFTAB; this will provide good synergies and increase capabilities.

The Chairman of CBB provided a detailed report of the Bilal’s activities and the current projects that are being developed in Mombasa, Kenya,  Kigoma, Tanga and Bagamoyo in Tanzania.

Education Board, Sports Council and Economic & Housing Development Boards provided brief reports and highlighting the challenges they face.
Education Board expressed their concerns on the huge due and overdue loan repayment accounts, which is surging each year.
The meeting provided opportunity to the Boards to interact with the AFED Office Bearers and to share their experiences, discuss challenges and ways on how the Boards can work together. They also posed question seeking clarifications on some of the issues like the budget and finances.

On behalf of the Chairman and the Office Bearers of the Africa Federation, we wish to record our deep appreciation to all the Board Chairs and Members of the Boards for attending this Meeting in Dar es Salaam. Special thanks to Br. Mohamedhussein Somji and Br. Qamber Somji for travelling from Mombasa to attend the meeting.
The Office Bearers were pleased with the frank discussions and the insight provided by the Boards of their plans and activities for the remaining period of the term. 

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