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The Africa Federation (AFED) delegation, comprising of the Hon. Secretary Alhaj Hussein Karim and Afed Councilor, Alhaj Arif Dhirani paid a visit to Tanga Jamaat from Friday 27th to Saturday, 28th January, 2016
The delegation met some elders and prominent members of the community as well as the Office Bearers of the Interim Committee of the Jamaat. The discussions centered on reviving the Madressah which is currently not operating and also to discuss the challenges facing the shrinking number of community members and general overview of economic activity in Tanga region.

A meeting between the Afed delegation and Tanga Jamaat members was held after Maghribayn prayers at Imambargah. The Hon. Secretary of AFED, Alhaj Hussein Karim, on behalf of the AFED Chairman, Alhaj Shabir bhai Najafi delivered the Chairman’s Message to the community, emphasizing on working hard and diligently during these difficult economic times, importance of unity of all members of the Jamaat working together to achieve growth and progress, importance of higher education for both boys and girls in the community and housing project to enable community members to own housing unit.

On Saturday Jan 25, 2017, the delegation visited the Bilal Muslim Mission Madressah Az Zahra and Hawza Al Qaem under the administration of the Principal, Sayyid Hasan Mousawi Najaati.
The Hawza has comprehensive syllabus covering Aqaed, Tafseer, Fiqh, Akhlaq and Tarikh with recognized external exams, producing competent tutors and mubaligheen.

Later in the evening the delegation attended the Jamaat Annual General Meeting as observers, and were requested to oversee the Biennial General Elections whereby two candidates contested the election of the Chairman of Tanga Jamaat. Alhaj Gulam bhai S Khakoo and Alhaj Hussein Walji both have served the Jamaat previously, Alhaj Gulam bhai Khakoo was declared the new Chairman of Tanga Jamaat having won the election.
The total attendance at the AGM was 33 members.

AFED Secretariat wishes to express its sincere appreciation to Tanga Jamaat for the warm welcome and hospitality accorded to the AFED delegation, especially the elders and members who met the Afed officials and for fruitful discussions on various issues concerning the current situation. We also wish to thank Tanga Jamaat Secretariat for organizing the accommodation and transport for the visits to the sites.
We wish to express our appreciation to the Interim Chairman of Tanga Jamaat, Alhaj Hussein Walji for organizing the forum, as well as conducting the AGM and elections successfully.
We wish the newly elected Chairman of Tanga Jamaat, Alhaj Gulam Khakoo and his team success and progressive term.
We pray to Allah (SWT) by His infinite grace and mercy to grant the past and present Jamaat leaders, Elders, Volunteers and all the Community members with good health, long life and success in their endeavors. – Ameen.

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