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The Africa Federation (AFED) Chairman, Alhaj Shabir Najafi accompanied by the Vice Chairman, Alhaj Aunali Khalfan, the Hon. Secretary Alhaj Hussein Karim and the Chairman of the Economic and Housing Development Board of AFED, Alhaj Akil Hirji paid a visit to Bukoba Jamaat from Saturday, 8th to Sunday, 9th October, 2016 (6th to 7th Muharram 1438 A.H.).

Visits during the Ashra-e-Muharram to our Member Jamaats has been a routine tradition for the past several years by the AFED Office Bearers, such visits provide good opportunity to the Office Bearers to connect with the members of our Community in the commemoration (Azahdari) of the martyrs of Karbala whose great sacrifices have left an indelible mark in the history of Islam. Imam Hussain (A.S.), his family members and faithful companions sacrificed their lives for the restoration of human dignity, human values and the religion of Islam.
These visits to our Jamaats also provide useful opportunity to meet and exchange ideas with the Jamaat leaders, elders of the community and provide good opportunity to make site visits to witness the developments of our institutions and their related activities.
On Saturday, 6th Muharram 1438 A.H. the delegation left Mwanza for Bukoba; about 50 minutes flight across Lake Victoria. AFED delegation was received at the airport by the Bukoba Jamaat President, Alhaj Iqbal Visram and the Jamaat Office Bearers.
A meeting between the Jamaat Office Bearers and AFED delegation was held after lunch at the hotel conference room on Saturday, 8th October. The meeting reviewed current status of the buildings and properties which were affected by the recent earthquake in Bukoba region. A detailed report and assessment of the damages were circulated earlier in September 2016 during the visit to Bukoba by the Hon. Secretary of AFED, Alhaj Hussein Karim and Alhaj Akil Hirji, the Chairman of Economic & Housing Dev Board of AFED.
Necessary support in the form of grants and loans were extended to the members to enable them have a sound footing, and to continue with their normal lives; some properties of the Jamaat which were damaged were repaired with the financial support from Africa Federation.

After a brief introduction by Alhaj Iqbal Visram, the Chairman of Bukoba Jamaat welcomed Alhaj Shabir Najafi to address the Community members. Shabir Bhai spoke on the current activities of the Africa Federation and the plans for this new term; he also emphasized on preserving our unity and cooperation which he underlined is vital for our progress and development, he also explained the challenges we face globally.
Shabir Bhai expressed his sympathies following the recent earthquake which has affected some of our community members and the Jamaat as well. Some properties were damaged which required repairs; he thanked Allah (SWT) for His Grace and Mercy that our community members were all safe and that no injuries were reported. He expressed his grief and sorrow for the loss of 13 lives and injuries caused to almost 200 local people in Bukoba region whose properties were severely damaged in the 5.7 magnitude earthquake that struck some parts of Bukoba on 10th September, 2016.
AFED Chairman assured the Jamaat of its full support, both financially and materially in making up to the needs of some members who were identified as deserving for assistance and those who would be given loans to strengthen their businesses.
Shabir Bhai requested the Community members to remit their Hukook through the central system of Africa Federation (AFED) as this will provide AFED with funds to support our various activities of AFED and of the Jamaats which falls within the ambit of the Ijaza.

AFED delegation accompanied by Bukoba Jamaat Trustees and Office Bearers visited to see the properties of the Jamaat, including the commercial property near the Mosque which is being developed and which will be given out on rent to generate steady income for the Jamaat. A brief visit was also made to the Jaffery Secondary School which is being managed by the Education Board of Bukoba Jamaat.
The President of the Jamaat, Alhaj Iqbal Visram explained that they are planning to renovate the Imambargha, replace the old carpets and other amenities, PA system etc., he stated that the work would start after the month of Safar.
AFED Secretariat wishes to express its sincere appreciation to Bukoba Jamaat for the warm welcome and wonderful hospitality accorded to the AFED delegation. We also wish to thank Jamaat Secretariat for organizing the accommodation, transport and visits to the sites.
We are thankful to the Vice Chairman, Mohamed Bhai Manji for hosting delicious lunch at his residence for the AFED delegation and Jamaat officials on Saturday, 8th October.
We wish to express our appreciation to the Chairman of Bukoba Jamaat, Alhaj Iqbal Visram for providing a platform to the AFED Chairman, Alhaj Shabir Najafi to address members of our Community.
We pray to Allah (SWT) by His infinite grace and mercy to grant the past and present Jamaat leaders, Elders, Volunteers and all the Community members with good health, long life and success in their endeavors. We pray to Allah (SWT) to shower His choicest blessings and give more inspiration to them all to continue with the noble work they do for His pleasure – Ameen.

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