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The Vice Chairman, Alhaj Aunali Khalfan, accompanied by the newly appointed Hon. Secretary of Africa Federation, Alhaj Hussain Karim, made an official visit to Arusha Jamaat on 30th July, 2016 following the elections of the Africa Federation in April 2016. They met with the Chairman of Arusha Jamaat, Alhaj Shabbir Virjee and his Managing Committee members and Trustees who came into office in June 2016.

The visit was also to introduce Hussein Bhai to the Jamaat officials, also for familiarization and discussion with the Jamaat on various issues concerning both, the member Jamaat and AFED.



During the visit, AFED officials were accompanied by Jamaat officials and trustees. They visited the new Al Qa’eem Residency building of Africa Federation, the AFED House and the Arusha Jamaat Housing Project building on Plot No.13. 

It was pleasing to observe the good management, maintenance and cleanliness of Al Qa’eem Residency which is being looked after by the Manager/Caretaker, Br. Sadiq Chagani. The AFED House which is old requires renovations, repairs and external painting of the building, the work will commence soon.

The Arusha Jamaat building, named Al Mahdi on Plot No. 13, is ideally located in the city centre very close to our Mosque. The Contractor is at the site and currently working on interior block walls etc. The ground floor and the first floor is for commercial renting out by the Jamaat and the remaining 11 floors, with a total of 22 flats of three bedrooms apartment are for sale to our community members. Arusha Jamaat is offering the flats for sale at a reasonable price to encourage our community members in Arusha or any part of Africa and beyond to own a flat.


Meeting with the newly elected office bearers and managing committee members, the AFED Vice Chairman, Aunali Khalfan expressed his deep satisfaction to see the young team who came forward with keenness to serve the Jamaat, and the community at large, he said, “It is heartening to witness such a dynamic and talented team of young members coming forward to bring about renewed impetus in the administration and management of the Jamaat and in its development for posterity, he congratulated Shabbir Bhai Virjee for his farsightedness and in encouraging the youth of our community to participate in the Jamaat affairs”  


Aunali bhai underscored the importance for the Constituent Jamaats to develop closer relationships with other communities, faiths and sects to build bridges of cooperation with our Sunni brothers and sisters and to bring about better understanding, unity and cooperation. He urged Arusha Jamaat to organize regularly inter-faith programs. He stressed that we too must also attend their programs so that we build stronger relationships and confidence.

The discussions were fruitful and various issues were discussed, which includes: Madressah, Secular Education, Housing, Higher Education, Higher Education Loan Defaulters, Health Insurance, Welfare etc.

Moshi Jamaat:
The AFED officials travelled to Moshi on Sunday, 31st July 2016 for a meeting with Moshi Jamaat Managing Committee. The meeting was held after Zohrain prayers.
It was regrettable to observe that the Moshi Jamaat membership is shrinking and only few youth and children are remaining in Moshi. Present membership is 110 heads which includes men, women and children.
Moshi Jamaat is keen to see that AFED comes up with a common (uniform) constitution for all Jamaats, with provisions for minor changes to accommodate local requirement; the constitution should apply to all Jamaat.
Jamaat also noted rising economic opportunities in Moshi for employment as well as in business and industry. Jamaat is ready to give guidance to those interested. Jamaat has once again offered to receive up to five families in Moshi, who will be assisted for the first three months to settle down. The Vice Chairman, Alhaj Aunali Khalfan reminded the Chairman of Moshi Jamaat, Alhaj Shafiq Kanji that a similar offer was made in the past and there were no takers. He said perhaps the economic situation has changed in the recent time and some families may consider migrating from Dar es Salaam to Moshi. He said AFED will encourage such a move, as many families in Dar es Salaam are in need of housing and the cost of living is increasing each passing year.
Shafiq Bhai explained that there are good schools and colleges in Moshi, presently there are about four students from Dar es Salaam studying at KCMC Medical College and are accommodated at the Jamaat’s flats. Medical facilities are also available in Moshi and KCMC in Kilimanjaro.


Moshi Jamaat have recently employed a new Resident Aalim, with the assistance of AFTAB, he is Sheikh Mulabah Saleh from Dar es Salaam. Sheikh preaches in English and Kiswahili and his lectures are liked by many. He is also the head of the Jamaat Madressah where several girls and boys attend.


AFED Secretariat wishes to express its sincere appreciation to Arusha and Moshi Jamaats for the warm welcome and wonderful reception accorded to the AFED delegation. We also wish to thank the Vice Chairman of Arusha Jamaat, Alhaj Muzaffar Yusufali for hosting the lunch at his residence on Saturday afternoon; and for the dinner hosted by Arusha Jamaat.

We wish to express our appreciation to Alhaj Shafiq Kanji, Chairman of Moshi Jamaat for the wonderful relaxed evening in the coffee farm, a nice and peaceful place to relax. 

We pray to Allah (SWT) by His infinite grace and mercy to grant the Jamaat leaders, Volunteers and all Community members with good health, long life and success in their endeavors. We pray to Allah (SWT) to shower His choicest blessings and give more inspiration to them to continue with the noble work they do for His pleasure – Ameen.


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