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The Africa Federation Chairman, Alhaj Anwarali Dharamsi and the Hon Secretary, Alhaj Aunali Khalfan, made a visit to Antananarivo, Madagascar from 27th to 30th December, 2015.

It was another opportunity for the Chairman and the Hon. Secretary to hold discussions with the Conseil Regional of Madagascar (CROI) Vice Chairman, Alhaj Mamodraza Jivan and the Secretary General, Alhaj Anil Alimahomad. The AFED officials also met the President of Antananarivo Jamaat, Alhaj Arzou-Raza Alibay. The discussions were mainly centered on the community matters, unity and the challenges faced by several Jamaats, including economic hardships and finding methods to deal with them.

It was an occasion for the Chairman of Africa Federation to address community members of Antananarivo Jamaat. He provided a brief outlook of the various activities being undertaken by Africa Federation in the region and also bidding farewell to the Jamaat leadership and members of the community.

Alhaj Anwarali thanked the Chairman of Conseil Regional and his office bearers, President of Antananarivo Jamaat and his managing committee and members of the community for their cooperation and support during his two terms in office. He said from the time he took over the office of Africa Federation in April 2010 and up to this moment, he was overwhelmed with the level of cooperation and support received from CROI and its member Jamaats including Mauritius Jamaat.

After the enlightening Wiladat Majlis recited by the young Resident Aalim Sheikh Abid Bhojani and the Qasidah recited by Br. Owes Ashik Nassor, the Secretary General of Antananarivo Jamaat, Br. Mamod Vassram gave brief introduction of the Africa Federation officials and others. He congratulated Alhaj Mohamedraza Khamis, the Past Vice Chairman of AFED, and currently Head of Hussainy Madressah and Chairman of INISMA and the past Chairman of AFED, Alhaj Mohamed Dhirani who was attending the wedding of his granddaughter – the daughter of Alhaj Mohamedraza Khamis and other guests.

The Secretary General of CROI, Alhaj Anil Alimahomad gave a welcome address on behalf of Alhaj Navazaly Molou, Chairman of Conseil Regional of Madagascar.

He spoke on the good cooperation and the collaboration which exists between Conseil Regional of Madagascar and Africa Federation; he thanked the Chairman, Alhaj Anwarali Dharamsi and the office bearers for the good support and for the regular visits by the office bearers of AFED to Madagascar and its constituent Jamaats. He emphasized the importance to enhance the teamwork and regular consultations with one another.


During the occasion of the Wiladat of the Holy Prophet (SAWW) in Antananarivo, Conseil Regional of Madagascar (CROI) Chairman, Alhaj Navazaly Molou bestowed the highest honors in CROI of Mohammadi Medal” upon the Chairman of Africa Federation, Alhaj Anwarali Dharamsi for his philanthropic activities, selfless and devoted services towards the community. The Citation in Gujarati was read out – Anwarali Bhai is deeply committed in promoting unity and in building bridges of good relationships in the region and globally. He has served in the AFED SETWEL Board for 2 years before assuming the leadership of Dar es Salaam Jamaat where he served diligently for the 3 terms (6 years) as President of the Jamaat from 2004 to 2010; in this period of his leadership, the community witnessed remarkable developments and progress in vital sectors such as housing development, Imambargha expansion, complete redevelopment of Mehfil-e-Abbas and Musafarkhana and other economic projects developments. After completing his tenure in DSM Jamaat, Alhaj Anwarali took up the helm of the Africa Federation in April 2010. During the 6 years as Chairman of AFED, the Federation saw major developments in various sectors, such as building stronger bonds with member Jamaats, providing support to the Jamaats in housing & economic developments, first of its kind capital investment project in Dar es Salaam to make Africa Federation economically stronger and sustainable in long term etc.


During the same occasion, Conseil Regional of Madagascar (CROI) awarded “Hussainy Medal” to the Hon Secretary of Africa Federation, Alhaj Aunali Khalfan in recognition of his selfless and dedicated services to the community for the past 45 years. Aunali bhai started community services at an early age, initially as a Volunteer serving in various sectors of Dar es Salaam Jamaat and in Institutions involved in religious and social activities assuming leading roles in the organization and administration. Aunali bhai has served as Managing Committee Member of Dar es Salaam Jamaat for 3 terms - total 6 years under two Presidents heading Education and Health Boards. He is so far the longest serving Chairman of the AFED Health Board (CHB), he established good working relationships with a number of hospitals in India for medical treatment of our community members. In 2010 he was appointed the Hon Secretary of Africa Federation by Alhaj Anwarali Dharamsi. As the Hon Secretary, Aunali bhai has brought about number of changes in the system in the AFED Secretariat office for efficiency and controls; he has visited many Jamaats and Institutions in mainland Africa and in the Islands of Madagascar, Reunion and Mauritius. He takes keen interest in the affairs of the community and has developed good rapport and communications with the Member Jamaats and Institutions which are under the auspices of the Africa Federation, also with the Territorial Councils and the Regional Federations.


Alhaj Mohamedraza Khamis was honoured by Conseil Regional of Madagascar on the occasion of the Milad-un-Nabii (SAWW) and bestowed with “Mohammadi Medal” for his selfless and honorary services to the community, Islam and humanity at large. For a number of years Mohamedraza Bhai has been actively involved in INISMA in the propagation of the Islamic Mad’hab of Ahlul Baiyt (AS), and dedicated voluntary services to the Conseil Regional des Khojas Shia Ithna-Aheri Jamates de L’Océan Indien. Mohamedraza bhai has been a Councillor, a Delegate and also Vice Chairman of the Federation of Khoja Shia Ithna-Asheri Jamaats of Africa.

A man of visionary who strives to promote unity, goodwill and affection amongst the members of the community, he is gifted with the eloquence and fluency of Gujarati language; it is a pleasure to see and hear him speaking in the public gatherings.  

Mohamedraza bhai is currently the Chairman of Islamic Institute of Madagascar (INISMA) and Head of Hussainy Madressah of KSI Jamaat of Antananarivo.


Alhaj Anwarali Dharamsi addressed a large gathering after Milad un Nabii (saww) Majlis at Antananarivo Imambargha, he gave a brief outline of the Africa Federation’s activities and the progress made in six years encompassing various sectors which includes; Tabligh, Religious and Higher Education, Commercial project and Housing development etc. His key message was on upholding unity and harmony in the community, he also spoke about Hukook and emphasized to the community members to first look after our own needs within and to support our organizations i.e. Conseil Regional of Madagascar and Africa Federation before we look outside. He also spoke on the importance of building bridges of good relationships and cooperation with other communities, faiths and sects, without prejudice in one other’s beliefs. He provided an overview of the current situation in the world and stressed the need to work more closely with our Muslim brothers and help promote better understanding and love, including the local people of Madagascar, and help those who are in need.

He thanked the Chairman, Alhaj Navazaly Molou and the Office Bearers of Conseil Regional and his Office Bearers and Alhaj Arzou-Raza Alibay and his Office Bearers for the good cooperation and support extended to the Africa Federation and its Office Bearers enjoyed in the last 6 years since he took up the helm of the Federation. He paid tribute to the leadership of Conseil Regional and the KSI Jamaat of Antananarivo for their efforts in the developments that have taken place including Tabligh, Religious and Secular Education etc. He thanked Conseil Regional of Madagascar for the honors bestowed upon him with Mohammadi Medal and to the Hon. Secretary of AFED who received Hussainy Medal.  

Alhaj Anwarali Dharamsi on behalf of Africa Federation pledged support towards the construction of the Health Clinic which is being planned by Conseil Regional of Madagascar in collaboration with Antananarivo Jamaat for the community members and which will also benefit the general public. There is a need for a good and well equipped Clinic in the capital city of Antananarivo.

Alhaj Anwarali extended best wishes and Mubaraki on the auspicious occasion of the wedding of Mohamed-Abbas and Mountazir Nawshadaly and their families. It was a moment of added celebrations of the Nikah of Massouma bai, daughter of Alhaj Mohamedraza Khamis who is also the granddaughter of Alhaj Mohamed Dhirani with Mohamed Abbas Muradali Fazal. Alhaj Anwarali on behalf of AFED presented the traditional Shawls to Alhaj Mohamed Dhirani, past Chairman of AFED and Alhaj Mohamedraza Khamis on the occasion of the Nikah of his daughter, Massouma with Mohamed-Abbas Fazal.

AFED wishes to convey its appreciation and thanks to the Chairman and the Office Bearers of Conseil Regional of Madagascar, the President and the Office Bearers of KSI Jamaat of Antananarivo and Alhaj Mohamedraza Khamis and his family for the warm welcome and wonderful hospitality accorded to the Chairman and Hon. Secretary of Africa Federation during the visit to Antananarivo, Madagascar.

We also wish to thank Alhaj Riyazhoussen Soujataly, Alhaj Ashik Houssen Nassor and Br. Owes Ashik Nassor for their assistance during the visit.

We pray to Allah (SWT) by His infinite grace and mercy to grant our community members and all those who contributed towards the success of this visit with good health, long life and success in their endeavors. We pray to Allah (SWT) to shower His choicest blessings and give more inspiration to them to continue with the noble work they do for His pleasure – Ameen.

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