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The Africa Federation Chairman Alhaj Anwarali Dharamsi led a delegation on a 5 days’ visit to Mozambique comprising of Vice Chairman Alhaj Shabir Najafi, Hon. Treasurer Alhaj Mohamed Hemani, Hon. Secretary, Alhaj Aunali Khalfan, Chairman of Central Bilal Board, Alhaj Mohsin Lalji (Sheni) and Chairman of Tabligh Board (AFTAB), Seyed Hassan Naqvi.  The World Federation President, Dr. Asgarali Moledina, who is a resident of Maputo joined the delegation on this visit from 25th to 29th November, 2015.

The visit by the present office bearers was the second during its term; the first visit was in 2011. The purpose of the visit was to meet with the office bearers of the Jamaats, visit Jamaat’s facilities, Madrassahs and to witness the developments of our Community in Maputo, Nampula and Nacala. The plan was also to join the momineen in the Azadari of Sayedus Shohadah during Ashra-e-Zainabiya; this has been customary every year. 

The Chairman Anwar bhai Dharamsi addressed community members in Maputo and Nampula. In his address, he stressed on the importance of unity amongst community members and also with other communities and faiths. He also explained on some key developments of our Institutions, in key areas i.e.; Tabligh, Religious Education (Madressah Development), Social Services, Economic Development and Secular Education. Anwar bhai also took the opportunity to thank the Jamaats and Members for their cooperation and support during the 6 years of his tenure which is ending in April 2016.

He gave a glimpse of the various activities of Africa Federation in his address to the members, the current geopolitical challenges which are growing in many parts of the world.  He also explained on the financial challenges faced by our Institutions, and the steps being taken to overcome them, at same time he appealed to the Jamaats for their support, with emphasis on Hukook dues.


The present number of our community members is about 90 heads, includes women and children. Despite the small number, the Jamaat is vibrant and gradually growing. There is a Bilal Madressah for the indigenous Shia community for external tabligh which is under the management of two members of our community in Maputo. CBB Chairman is in discussion with the management in order to develop it further and provide the support required.

Maputo Jamaat has recently acquired the property where Jaffari Islamic Centre (JIC) has been operating for many years, it was previously on lease. The Centre has been purchased with support of the World Federation, Africa Federation and Maputo Jamaat itself. Legal paper works are being finalized to register the property, and to complete other formalities of the local authorities.

A meeting was held with the Managing Committee of Maputo Jamaat whereby several important issues were discussed. AFTAB will provide guidance and support for the Madressah development. Emphasis was put on effective communications and networking with members participation in various AFED activities.


Nampula is the oldest Jamaat in Mozambique. The Jamaat has a beautiful Mosque, Imambargha and a Madressah. First arrival of our community members was between 1851/1852. Jamaat was officially registered in 1982 with about 100 – 150 heads at that time. The population has grown over this period; presently there are about 500 heads.

The Jamaat is developing an adjacent property which will provide various modern facilities, i.e. Ghusalkhana, Madressah, Resident Aalim apartment and some commercial outlets, the income of which shall be used to pay for the maintenance and other expenses of the Jamaat facilities within the complex.

There is a Bilal Centre few kilometers from the city centre supported by Nampula Jamaat under the management of Br. Zahid Bandali and Sheikh Zubair. The Centre has a Mosque and Madressah, both for boys and girls. The delegation including CBB Chairman visited the Centre. After Maghribain prayers, the delegation met with Sheikhs and Maálims. They asked for the support to improve the facilities and also in developing Tabligh activities. CBB will pursue this and will also look into a possibility of opening Bilal Branch in Nampula. The delegation spent two days, Friday, 27th and Saturday, 28th November in Nampula visiting several centres and meeting the Managing Committee and community members.

The Resident Aalim, Seyed Mujtaba Qassim is also the head of Madressah where boys and girls attend Qurán and religious classes four times a week, there are 5 ladies volunteer teachers helping in the Madressah. Sheikh Ali, the local Maalim teaches Holy Qurán to the Madressah students.

During the meeting with the Managing Committee of Nampula Jamaat, amongst the various issues discussed, lack of qualified teachers and teaching materials for Madressah were brought up, AFTAB had taken note and will provide the necessary support. The Bilal Centre also needs further development, Br. Mohsin Lalji, CBB Chairman will look into this matter.


The Delegation was accompanied by Alhaj Rajahoussen Goulamaly, President of Nampula Jamaat, Alhaj Zulfikar Jutha, Hon. Secretary of Nampula Jamaat, Sheikh Dr. Mohamed Canani and his son Ammar Canani on a visit to Nacala.
The Community there is made up of Khoja Shia Ithna-Asheri members and also some indigenous Shias converts who attend the programs in good numbers being organized at the just completed Mosque and Mehfil Khadija tul Qubra which are in the same complex. The plot was donated to the Jamaat and made Waqf by Moti family.

The Jamaat Madressah is managed by the Resident Aalim, Maulana Seyed Shehzadhussein Zaidi and Maalim Seifu. There are presently 12 students in the Madressah, the Jamaat needs support from AFTAB to improve the Madressah and meet to the current standards of teaching and teachers’ training.

A meeting was held with Nacala Jamaat over lunch; the Jamaat is managed by Alhaj Gulam Rasul (President), Alhaj Ruksat Moti (Vice President and Hon. Treasurer), Alhaj Mohamedrafiq Razahoussen Gulamo (Hon. Secretary) and Alhaj Razahoussen Hassanali – Simba (General Administration). There are total 120 heads in Nacala Jamaat, they include women and children.

There is a Bilal Centre, named Madressah Imam Ali (AS) in the outskirts of Nacala city which was started in 2004. Presently there are 50 girls and 46 boys studying in the Madressah, the teacher, Sheikh Siraj Juma has asked for more teachers.
13 graduate students have been selected to pursue higher secular and religious studies in Nampula.
The Chairman of Central Bilal Board addressed the students and teachers at the Madressah and assured them of Bilal’s support in developing further the Madressah.

Our deepest appreciation and thanks go to the President of Maputo, Nampula and Nacala Jamaats and to the office bearers of the three Jamaats for the warm welcome and wonderful hospitality accorded to the AFED delegation during the visits to the three Jamaats.

We also wish to thank the Jamaats for organizing the visits to various places and institutions and for facilitating several meetings.

We convey our thanks to Dr. Asghar Moledina, President of the World Federation who accompanied us on the visits and for his hospitality.

Our special thanks to Br. Ammar Canani for accompanying us and taking photographs of the visits to Nampula and Nacala.

We pray to Allah (SWT) by His infinite grace and mercy to grant these wonderful people with good health, long life and success in their endeavors. We pray to Allah (SWT) to shower His blessings and give more inspiration to them to continue with the noble work they do for His pleasure – Ameen.

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