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In the name of Allah, The Beneficent, The Most Merciful

And reckon not those who are killed in Allah's way as dead; nay, they are alive (and) are provided sustenance from their Lord.(Holy Qur’an Surah, Ale Imran 3:169)

May Allah make our reward and your reward great, for our grief for Hussain, (peace be upon him).

10th of Muharram in 61 Hijra (680 AD) – “Ashura” is the darkest day in the history of Islam. On this day the beloved grandson of the Holy Prophet Muhammad (SAWW) was mercilessly martyred along with his 72 faithful companions in the plains of Karbala, Iraq by the ruthless forces of the despotic ruler, Yazid son of Mu’awiyah Ibn Abi Sufiyan.

As the month of Muharram dawns, we need to remind ourselves of the movement and the divine mission of Imam Hussain (AS), and take lessons from it.
Imam Hussain (AS) was fully committed to redeeming the Religion of Islam and to reform his grandfather's (Prophet Muhammad [SAWW]) nation.
When leaving Madinah on 28th Rajab 60 AH, the Imam (AS) declared; – “Wa Innama Kharajtu li talabil Islahi fi ummaati jaddi” (Indeed, I am leaving [Madinah] to reform the ummah of my grandfather)
"The purpose of my stand is the reformation of my grandfather's nation. I intend to enjoin goodness and forbid evil. I want to emulate my grandfather, the Holy Prophet Muhammad (SAWW) and my father Ali Bin Abu Talib (AS). Whosoever accepts me by accepting the truth, then Allah (SWT) is higher than the truth. And whosoever rejects me then I will bear patiently until Allah (SWT) adjudges between me and them and He is the best Judge."
Let us therefore reflect and contemplate on the great virtues and the divine mission of Imam Hussain (AS) – the great martyr, and translating those great moral values and spiritual lessons into our own lives, and bring about transformation.
Similarly, it is important to reach out to people of different faiths and beliefs to talk about the tragic event of Karbala, the martyrdom of Imam Hussain (AS) who stood steadfast to save Islam and guide fellow Muslims to the right path, Imam Hussain (AS) made the ultimate sacrifice. He along with his family and faithful companions were savagely tortured, prevented from water for three consecutive days in the desert plains of Karbala and slain by the brutal forces of tyrant Yazid, whose sole purpose was to rule the Muslim Ummah through any means necessary, including horrendous acts of violence, massacres, propaganda, oppression and corruption.
On the day of Ashura, when all of Imam Hussain’s (A.S.) family and companions had been martyred and the Imam stood alone in the scorching sun of the desert plains of Karbala, he made a final call: “Hal Min Naasirin Yansuruna, (Is there helpers who will help us?) “Hal Min Mughitheen Yughithuna” (Is there those who will answer our call for aid?)
The call of Seyyid-ush Shohadah, Imam Hussain (A.S.) echoes all the time in our lives and will remain till the Day of Judgment. Let us collectively answer – Labbayk Ya Hussain”.
It is my humble appeal to our community members to support and contribute generously to our Member Jamaats who are organizing various events during the month of Muharram and Safar, likewise our Institutions – The Bilal Muslim Mission of Tanzania, Kenya and Uganda who are involved in external Tabligh activities throughout the year, including daily lectures in local languages, nyaz etc. during the Ashara-e-Muharram and Safar in various centres located in several parts of the countries and in the villages.
During these difficult and challenging times, may I request you all to pray for peace, security and safety of all Muslims and for all the peace loving people wherever they are in all parts of the world.
Let us remember all Marhumeens and recite sura-e-fateha for the maghferat of their souls.
Anwarali Dharamsi
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