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The Africa Federation first Boards Chairmen’s Meeting was held in Dar es Salaam on Wednesday, 25th February, 2015 at the AFED Zahra Tower Conference Room. The purpose of the meeting was to bring together Chairmen of the Boards and to update them on the AFED’s current developments, also to discuss various matters of the Boards, and to look into the challenges faced and plan ahead.

Br. Samir Habib (Education Board Chairman), Br. Muntazir Shabbir (AYN Chairman) and Br. Hussein Datoo (Archives Sectional Secretary) were unable to attend due to travel and other commitments.
The meeting provided a platform and an opportunity to the heads of the Boards to share their experiences, discuss challenges and the achievements so far, and the plan for the remaining period of the current term up to April 2016.
Boards Chairmen were advised to focus on “Forward Planning” of their sections and portfolios in order to ascend to new heights of success and developments taking advantage of the opportunities available at the same time pulling the synergies collectively to transform the Boards into models of successful operations consistent with the present needs of the community at large.
AFED Chairman, pointed out on the current situation surrounding our community in many parts of Africa. He also explained on the economic scene and the AFED’s initiatives to invest into commercial project along Nyerere Road in Dar es Salaam based on a long term plan of the road map to make the Federation self-sustaining. The economic situation continues to reflect gloomy picture. He emphasized on using “the right approach” to the challenges the Boards are facing in order to overcome them successfully.  
Alhaj Anwar bhai underscored the importance of working in collaboration with all the stake holders so that all benefit from the resources that are available within our community and utilized properly for the brighter future of our community, especially the children and the youth who are the future of our community. 
Ascending To New Heights – Setting New Milestones For Posterity

Agenda of the Meeting:

  1. Overview of the activities etc. of the period April 2013 to date by the Secretariat.
  2. Present status of the Boards (Performance) v/s the Plan.
  3. Plan for the remaining period of the term 2013-2016.
  4. Forward Planning and Strategies of the Boards/AFED
  5. Presentation of the Boards for the 76th Supreme Council Session 1st to 3rd May, 2015.
  6. A synopsis by AFED Chairman  & A.O.B.

The Team Members – The Arm of the Secretariat 

Following members were unable to attend the Board Chairmen’s Meeting, sent in their apologies.

The Secretariat, on behalf of the Africa Federation Chairman and the Office Bearers wish to express its deep appreciation to all the Chairmen, Vice Chairmen, Hon. Secretaries and Members of the Boards for attending this first AFED Boards Chairmen’s Meeting in Dar es Salaam, and for frank and fruitful discussions.
In his closing remarks, the AFED Chairman said – “I am pleased that everyone was able to express his/her views openly and they eloquently provided insight of the Boards present status and the plan for future. It gives me great comfort to observe deep commitments of the Boards; who are making every effort to deliver the plan under difficult circumstances. We are lucky to have this great team of talented and selfless workers, and I pray for your good health, long life and success in your endeavors, he further remarked - The Boards are the arm and the engine of the Secretariat”.

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