Message from the Chairman of the Federation of Khoja Shia Ithna-Asheri Jamaats of Africa on the special occasion of Milad-un-Nabii (SAWW)

In the name of Allah, the Beneficent, the most Merciful

And We have not sent you, [O Muhammad], except as a mercy to the worlds.
Holy Qur’an verse 21:107 surah al-anbiyaa (The Prophets)

My Dear Community Members,

As-Salaamu Alaikum wa Rahmatullah

All Praise is due to Allah, the Glorified and the Exalted; and peace and blessing be upon the beloved Prophet Muhammad (S.A.W.W.) and His pure progeny (A.S.).

On this auspicious and blessed day of the birth anniversary of the Holy Prophet Muhammad (S.A.W.W.) and Imam Ja’ffar al Sadiq (A.S.), I extend heartiest felicitations to each and every member of our entire community and to wish joy, peace, unity and prosperity with strength in Imaan.

As we all celebrate this auspicious occasion, let us also reflect on the difficult times that the Muslim ummah and in particular the Shia community is facing in many parts of the world.
It is matter of great concern and sadness that the Muslim world is witnessing new Theo-political movements which have been unleashed, falsely in the name of Islam, being witnessed at this moment in Iraq and Syria and dangerously spreading to other parts of the Muslim world. 
May Allah (S.W.T.) judge between those who are oppressors and those who are oppressed and between those who are on the side of Truth and Justice and those who are not.
With this situation, it is more important now than ever before for us to stand firm and united against this new threat and to ensure that brotherhood among Muslims of all sects is locally maintained and we, on our part, continue to ensure peace and order at national levels in our countries in this part of the world. On the importance of unity, I wish to quote a verse from the Holy Qur’an, verse 3:103 in surah al Im’ran:-

And hold fast by the covenant of Allah all together and be not disunited, and remember the favor of Allah on you when you were enemies, then He united your hearts so by His favor you became brethren; and you were on the brink of a pit of fire, then He saved you from it, thus does Allah make clear to you His communications that you may follow the right way.

I request the Jamaats leaders to fulfil their roles, such as may be practical and appropriate for maintaining the spirit of brotherhood among Muslims of other sects and also among the people of other faiths.
On this occasion particularly, I would like community members and our Muslim brethren to reflect on the sad and unfortunate destruction of the history of Islam, particularly which is taking place in Saudi Arabia.
The destruction of the sites associated with the early Islam mainly in the Hejaz region of western Saudi Arabia, around the holy cities of Makah and Madinah. The demolition has particularly focused on mosques, burial sites, homes and historical locations associated with the Prophet of Islam, his family, his companions including many of the founding personalities of the early Islamic history.

The Saudi Kingdom have not spared even the Mosques, five of the renowned “Seven Mosques” initially built by Prophet Muhammad’s daughter and four of his “greatest Companions”: Masjid Abu Bakr (RA), Masjid Salman al-Farsi (RA), Masjid Umar ibn al-Khattab (RA), Masjid Sayyidah Fatima (SA) bint Rasulillah (SAWW) and Masjid Ali ibn Abi Talib (AS) have been demolished.

The Holy Prophet of Islam when approached by the pagan Arabs at the time to abandon the Command of Allah (SWT) and the Mission of Islam, he answered with these memorable words:
“If they should put the sun in my right hand and the moon in my left, even then I shall not abandon the proclamation of the Unity of Allah. I shall set up the true faith upon the earth or perish in the attempt”.
Let us all join hands and pray for the safety, security and peace of our brothers and sisters in all parts of the world. Let us also pray for the safety and sanctity of the Holy Sites and to stop the destruction of the early Islamic Historical Sites and the Holy Shrines in Saudi Arabia. Similarly for the sanctity of the Holy Shrines in Syria and Iraq which have become targets in these recent attacks by the extremists.
Let us pray for the safety, good health and long life of our Marjah-e-Taqleed, Ayatullah Al Seyed Ali Al Hussainy Al Seestani and the Ulema. May Allah (S.W.T.) hasten reappearance of our Awaited Al-Mahdi (A.T.F.S.).
On behalf of the Africa Federation Office Bearers, Trustees and Councilors, and on my own behalf, I wish you and your families Milad-un-Nabii (SAWW) Mubarak with prayers for increase in imaan and tawfiqaat.
Anwarali R. Dharamsi
17th Rabi ul Awwal 1436 AH
9th January, 2015

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