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On 27th December, 2014, the Africa Federation Youth Network (AYN) team of three, Br. Muntazir Shabbir, AYN Chairman, Br. Aliraza Sumar, AYN Hon. Secretary and Sajjad Karamsi, AYN Committee Member travelled from Nairobi to Arusha for a special meeting with the AFED Capacity Building Group (CBG) and others members on the plan for the AFED Youth Camp – 2015, they were joined by Meisum Bandali, the AYN Rep in Arusha, Tanzania.
The CBG team was led by Sister Mumtaz Ladak, AFED CGB lead along with her team of coordinators, Br. Abbas Lalji, Sister Neelam Jiwa (on Skype from Mombasa). Also present was Faseeha Sherali, AFED CBG/AFTAB Admin Secretary.

Br. Yasin Rahim, the World Federation CB team member and Sister Waheeda Rahim, COEJ Executive Councillor joined in the meeting from Portsmouth, U.K. via Skype.
The Africa Federation was represented in the meeting by Br. Aunali Khalfan, AFED Hon. Secretary and Br. Murtaza Versi, AFED CBG member from Dar es Salaam. 

The purpose of the meeting was to discuss, share ideas and explore talents to utilize the potential resources available to create a comprehensive project plan for the camp in Africa and also to discuss the budget. Similarly, it was a good opportunity to share the learning and the experiences gained by the three AFED AYN representatives who attended Camp COEJ 2014 in August 2014 in Stockholm, Sweden. They are Sajjad Karamsi from Nairobi, Massoumali Galibhoussen from Madagascar and Zain Abbas Ballou from Reunion.
The AFED Camp 2015 Mission is towards Nourishing the mind, body and soul. Each one of these concepts is of great significance and essential elements to the development of each participant in the camp. The boys and girls camps will be held separately during different months; it is tentatively planned to take place in April and December, 2015. More details and information will be available progressively from AYN as they are being developed.
An interactive discussion in the meeting on Skype involving Br. Yasin Rahim, Sis. Waheeda Rahim and Sis. Neelam Jiwa was quite useful and productive in that it opened up several important avenues and it also highlighted the challenges. Discussions were more focused towards scrutiny in planning and preparations for the camp. Undoubtedly, it takes months of planning, dedication and hard work to ensure success of such kind of a project.
The team also discussed on an important subject of health, safety and security of the campers and all those involved in the organization and administration of the camps.
Part of the preparations of the AFED Youth Camp 2015 shall include training of Mentors and Camp Administrators, a timeline and resources required was deliberated at the meeting.

Our sincere appreciation to Br. Yasin Rahim and Sis. Waheeda Rahim for their valuable contributions and for joining the meeting on Skype from England, cognizant of the fact that they had to start off so early on a public holiday.
We are thankful to Mumtazbai Ladak for hosting the meeting and for organizing the lunch at Tanfoam Corporate office in Arusha. We are also grateful to M/s. Tanfoam Arusha for providing the meeting facilities.
We also wish to thank Br. Abbas Lalji for setting up the communication system for the meeting, and Sis. Faseeha Sherali for providing the admin support.
We wish the Africa Federation Youth Network (AYN) every success in their endeavors to shape up the future of the AFED Youth Network and we pray to Allah (SWT) for successful AFED Youth Camp 2015.

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