Following program is planned for the “Three Days” assembly in Dar es Salaam, Tanzania; more details regarding the Forum will be circulated shortly upon completion of some organizational and administrative work required for the Forum.



Aunali Khalfan
Hon Secretary

Circular No:   JMT/54/2014



arch2The Chairman of the Africa Federation, Alhaj Anwarali Dharamsi is pleased to appoint Alhaj Husseinali Wallimohammed Datoo as Sectional Secretary of the Africa Federation Archives Section.
The Archives section is an important segment of the Secretariat of the Africa Federation where records and history of our community is preserved for references and for the future generations.
With the support from some community members and Jamaats, we have also been able to gather some old documents, photographs and articles on the historical events, some of these have been published by Archives.

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Further to our Circular JMT/44/13 of 19th December 2013, we are pleased to provide further information on the Tuwasiliane Football, Volleyball and Cricket Festival to be held in Tanga, Tanzania over Easter Holidays, from: 18th to 21st April 2014.

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The World Federation of KSMIC

Yet another attack on the shrine of Sayyidah Zaynab causes injuries and damage


On Thursday 7 November 2013, 4 shells were fired at the Shrine of Sayyidah Zaynab.  One of the shells struck one of the minarets causing minor damage. Another hit the courtyard, injuring 30 people, 15 of which were women and children.  Fortunately, there were no deaths as a result of the attack.

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Muharram - The Month of Mourning

Imam Ali Ar Reza (A.S.) said: With the advent of the month of Muharram, my father Imam Musa Al Kazim (A.S.) would never be seen laughing; gloom and sadness would overcome him for (the first) ten days of the month; and when the tenth day of the month would dawn, it would be a day of tragedy, grief and weeping for him. (Amaali Saduq, pg,:111)

We thank Allah (SWT) by His grace and blessings that the Zakirs and Zakiras postings to various destinations within our Jamaats in Africa for the month of Muharram 1435 A.H. have been successfully accomplished.

The Africa Federation Tabligh Board (AFTAB) thanks all the A'alims, Zakirs and Zakiras who kindly accepted the postings and travelled to various Jamaats to convey the message of Seyyid-ul Shohadah Abdillahi Hussein (A.S.) and keep alive the spirit of Azadari of Imam Hussein (A.S.) and the martyrs of Kerbala.

The Secretariat also wishes to express its gratitude to all Jamaats of the Africa Federation, Tabligh Boards of the Jamaats and individuals who in one way or the other assisted us in facilitating to carry out these arrangements successfully.

Below is the detail of the postings of the Zakirs and Zakiras.

Aunali Khalfan
Hon. Secretary

Download:  List of Postings (PDF, 84KB)

Ref: JMT/33/13                                                                                      


A part-time Job Opportunity

Position: Education Board Administrative Secretary

The Education Board (EBS) of the Federation of Khoja Shia Ithna Asheri Jamaats of Africa is seeking to employ a suitably qualified person for the above position based in the EBS office of the Africa Federation Secretariat office located at the corner of Olympio/Bibi Titi Mohamed Road, Dar-es-Salaam.

Interested person who possess the required qualifications are invited to submit a written application along with the current Curriculum Vitae (CV) to reach the Hon. Secretary of the AFED Education Board latest by 31st October 2013.

Further details/address are provided in the Advertisement and Job Description below.

Aunali Khalfan
Hon. Secretary

Download: Job Description - Education Board Administrative Secretary (PDF, 360KB)

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