It is notified for general information of all Jamaats in Africa that FIRST RAJAB 1433 will fall on Wednesday 23rd May 2012.

The important dates during the month are:

Rajab 01, 1433  May 23, 2012
Wiladat of 5th Imam Hazrat Muhammad
Baqir (A.S.)
Rajab 03, 1433 May 25, 2012
Shahadat of 10th Imam Hazrat Ali
Naqi (A.S.)
Rajab 07, 1433 May 29, 2012
Imam Musa Al Kadhim (A.S.) Day
Rajab 10, 1433 June 01, 2012
Wiladat of 9th Imam Hazrat Muhammad
Al Taqi (A.S.)
Rajab 13, 1433 June 04, 2012
Wiladat of 1st Imam Hazrat Ali ibne
Abu Talib (A.S.)
Rajab 15, 1433 June 06, 2012
Shahadat of Syeda Zainab bint Imam Ali (A.S.)
Rajab 25, 1433 June 16, 2012
Shahadat of 7th Imam Hazrat Musa
Khadim (A.S.)
Rajab 26, 1433 June 17, 2012
Wafat of Hazrat Abu Talib ibne 'Abd Al Muttalib (A.S.)
Rajab 27, 1433 June 18, 2012
Me'raj - The Heavenly Journey of the Holy
Prophet of Islam (SAWW)
Rajab 28, 1433 June 19, 2012
Start of the Journey of Hazrat Imam Husayn (A.S.)
from Madinah


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