Capacity Building

CBG Team Members

Mumtaz Ladak:                  Team Lead


Shabbirhussein Khalfan:     Lead Facilitator for Facilitator Academy, Lead for LDP/ Treasurer


Shama Dewji:              Facilitator and Lead for Youth Development and Youth Coach Programs


Neelam Jiwa:                Developmental Facilitator and Lead for Mentor Development Programs


Inayat Abbas Firdousi:   Developmental Facilitator and Lead for Marital Mediation Programs


Faseeha Sherally:         Admin Secretary


CBG Coordinators


Murtaza Kara
Zahra Bandali Jacksi

Zainab Jagani
Amirali Rashid
Shabnam Sheriff

Hasnain Karim  - Coordinator - Mombasa
Mubina Merali   – Coordinator – Mombasa

Other Jamaats
Shabbirhussein Khalfan 

Facilitator Team

Shabbirhussein Khalfan – Lead Facilitator
Shama Dewji              
Mumtaz Ladak               

Developmental Facilitator Team

Sheda Abdulrasul           Dar-es-Salaam
Sophia Bharwani            Dar-es-Salaam
Zahra Taki Bandali         Dar-es-Salaam
Neelam Meghji Jiwa        Mombasa
Nishathussein Karim       Mombasa
Inayat Abbas Firdausi    Nairobi
Minhas Tejani               Nairobi
Tahera Shivji                Nairobi


About CBG


“Unlocking the potential of our people to serve the community and humanity through capacity building and engagement.” - Creating vibrant, happy and confident individuals across our communities


“Capacity building at all levels in Jamaats around Africa, and train facilitators who will be able to continuously build capacity in the future.”


 ü  Integrity: We understand and respect every Individual and their development capacity.

ü  Accountability:  We will Honor our obligation, expectations and requirements

ü  Collaboration:  We will talk with everyone in the community with ease and openness.

ü  Quality: We will offer quality products and Facilitation


  • Fostering universal Islamic values in our people
  • Valuing people at different stages of their development
  • Investing in a range of developmental tools for our people
  • Creating awareness that people have potential for growth and development
  • Using applicable learning methodologies to achieve desired goals.
  • Creating opportunities to unlock our people’s potential


Available Programs In modular distinctions

• Understanding Self
   Knowing yourself better is the starting point of change and Development

• Visioning
   A guiding start to your goals is the key

• Emotional Intelligence
   How to react with and to people

• Leadership Models, Traits and Behaviors
   What the real leaders did that can assist our journey

• Giving and Receiving Feedback
   Criticism however packaged causes pain and hurt

• Power and Politics and FODS
   Where you fit in the circle of politics

• MBTI and Type Dynamics
  Knowing your innate personality and using it effectively

• MBTI and Teamwork
   Knowing others personalities and learning to work better

• MBTI and other several combinations

• Aptitude Testing and Occupational Enhancement

• Epic Tool
   Manage your customers and your staff with flare

• Meeting Facilitation

• Master Classes
Refreshers for LDP Alumni



Mumtaz Ladak:      

Team Lead

Shabbirhussein Khalfan: 

Lead Facilitator for Facilitator Academy, Lead for LDP/ Treasurer







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20 Capacity Building Group - CV Writing Workshop

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