Capacity Building

CBG Team Members

Mumtaz Ladak:  Team Lead

Shabbirhussein Khalfan:  Lead Facilitator for Facilitator Academy, Lead for LDP/ Treasurer

Shama Dewji:  Facilitator and Lead for Youth Development and Youth Coach Programs

Neelam Jiwa:   Developmental Facilitator and Lead for Mentor Development Programs

Inayat Abbas Firdousi:   Developmental Facilitator and Lead for Marital Mediation Programs

Faseeha Sherally:  Admin Secretary 

CBG Coordinators


Murtaza Kara
Zahra Bandali Jacksi

Zainab Jagani  

Hasnain Karim  - Coordinator - Mombasa
Mubina Merali   – Coordinator – Mombasa

Other Jamaats
Shabbirhussein Khalfan 

Facilitator Team

Shabbirhussein Khalfan – Lead Facilitator
Shama Dewji              
Mumtaz Ladak               

Developmental Facilitator Team

Sheda Abdulrasul           Dar-es-Salaam
Sophia Bharwani            Dar-es-Salaam
Zahra Taki Bandali         Dar-es-Salaam
Neelam Meghji Jiwa        Mombasa
Nishathussein Karim       Mombasa
Inayat Abbas Firdausi     Nairobi
Minhas Tejani                Nairobi
Tahera Shivji                 Nairobi 

About CBG


“Unlocking the potential of our people to serve the community and humanity through capacity building and engagement.” - Creating vibrant, happy and confident individuals across our communities


“Capacity building at all levels in Jamaats around Africa, and train facilitators who will be able to continuously build capacity in the future.”


 ü  Integrity: We understand and respect every Individual and their development capacity.

ü  Accountability:  We will Honor our obligation, expectations and requirements

ü  Collaboration:  We will talk with everyone in the community with ease and openness.

ü  Quality: We will offer quality products and Facilitation


  • Fostering universal Islamic values in our people
  • Valuing people at different stages of their development
  • Investing in a range of developmental tools for our people
  • Creating awareness that people have potential for growth and development
  • Using applicable learning methodologies to achieve desired goals.
  • Creating opportunities to unlock our people’s potential


Available Programs In modular distinctions

• Understanding Self
   Knowing yourself better is the starting point of change and Development

• Visioning
   A guiding start to your goals is the key

• Emotional Intelligence
   How to react with and to people

• Leadership Models, Traits and Behaviors
   What the real leaders did that can assist our journey

• Giving and Receiving Feedback
   Criticism however packaged causes pain and hurt

• Power and Politics and FODS
   Where you fit in the circle of politics

• MBTI and Type Dynamics
  Knowing your innate personality and using it effectively

• MBTI and Teamwork
   Knowing others personalities and learning to work better

• MBTI and other several combinations

• Aptitude Testing and Occupational Enhancement

• Epic Tool
   Manage your customers and your staff with flare

• Meeting Facilitation

• Master Classes
Refreshers for LDP Alumni

The Africa Federation Capacity Building Group in collaboration with Africa Youth Network and KSI Jamaat Mombasa hosted the 12th Leadership Development Programme (LDP) from 6th to 9th December 2018 in Mombasa, Kenya.  

LDP is a dynamic and interactive programme that addresses important personal, family, work and social matters with Islamic values and principles as its central focus.  It gives participants an insight into various leadership, interactive and temperament styles and how to enhance and evolve their skills ensuring more productivity and efficient working methods. Moreover, it enables participants to appreciate and value the differences in each other.

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The Africa Federation Capacity Building Group (CBG) was privileged to hold a Master Class in Arusha during their visit to conduct the Facilitator Development programme in September 2018. The master class was conducted by Br. Shabbirhussein Khalfan and Sis. Shama Dewji at Yadgare Murtazawi Madrasah. After a quick reintroduction and recap, topics on ‘Emotional intelligence’ and ‘Drama Triangle’ was covered.

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The Africa Federation Capacity Building Group (CBG) in collaboration with Africa Youth Network (AYN) and Khoja Shia Ithna Asheri Jamaat (KSIJ) Dar es Salaam organized a Youth Self Development programme (YDP) on the weekend of 24th and 25th November 2018.

YDP aims at empowering Youth by understanding themselves better, building self-confidence, understanding emotional intelligence (E.Q.) and believing in their vital role for betterment of community, family and humanity at large.

The programme was facilitated by Br. Shabbirhussein Khalfan, Sr. Shama Dewji and assisted by developmental facilitator Sr. Sophia Bharwani.

The YDP workshop was attended by 14 youths of the community who are keenly involved in community social and religious services.

A newly introduced component of the YDP session includes providing these youths with an opportunity to not only voice the challenges they face in their community but to also come up with workable solutions and plans of action how to overcome these challenges.

The youths were encouraged to turn their unified ideas into a reality with the help of mentors and the leaders of their community.

We believe that they greatly benefited from the workshop as well as the various discussions and activities conducted over the course of two days which was conducted by experienced and dedicated facilitators.



10th – 11th AUGUST 2018 & 2nd – 3rd NOVEMBER 2018

Self-Development and Teams Programme is one of the many programmes offered by the Africa Federation Capacity Building Group (CBG) aimed to equip participants with one of the most important qualities of a Muslim- to be Self-Aware, Manage and be Team players.

The 10th and 11th August 2018 saw CBG facilitators Br. Shabbirhussein Khalfan and Sr. Shama Dewji in collaboration with Bilal Muslim Mission of Tanzania conducting a Self-Development and Teams Programme for a group of 15 senior Administrative Staff with skills towards upgrading their understanding on Self, effective teamwork, learning, growth and development of Self and Teams in order to achieve BMMT’s aims and goals more effectively.

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13th – 14th OCTOBER 2018


“Seek knowledge from cradle to grave.”

Islam has always encouraged its followers to pursue learning in all its forms. Building on leadership skills is a critical element of preparing youth for entry into adulthood.  

CBG Youth Development Program is a customized program aimed to equip the youths of today with the aptitude to develop, set personal and vocational goals, and have the self-esteem to carry them out.

The recent Youth Development programme organized in Mombasa on the 13th and 14th October 2018 in collaboration with Africa Youth Network along with the help of Ithna asheri Young Men’s Union (IYMU) and facilitated by Br. Shabbirhussein Khalfan and Sr. Neelam Jiwa, was a roaring success.

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