Football tournament organised by our Sunni brothers in Tamatave, Madagascar.

Our Sunni brothers from Tamatave (the second biggest town of Madagascar) organised a football tournament from April 18th to 20th 2013, the objective was to gather Khojas and Sunni in the same place to demonstrate to all Muslims around MADAGASCAR that we are one and together, the followers of the religion of Islam.

4 teams participated for this event:

sp2They were 4 participating teams, Madagascar was represented by 3 local teams and the Reunion Island represents France.

One local team from the Sunni community of Tamatave, One Khoja team from the capital as well as a Sunni team, and the amazing participation of the Khoja team of Reunion Island.

It is with great pleasure on behalf of AFED and CROI that we congratulate the Reunion Island team for their participation.

sp3To make this competition a friendly environment, our Sunni brothers invited the 3 delegations for the Welcome Dinner; there were about 70 to 80 Muslim youths, who got together for the function. Left is the photograph of the Get-Together Welcome Dinner.

Below the Khoja Reunion Island team (FRANCE) is the team who won the tournament; they played very well and demonstrated their skills in each and every single game:


Ceremony of the Houssseini Football Club Khoja (H.E.F.C.K) for all children who did attend the Season 2011-2013 held on Sunday July 23rd 2013.

On the occasion of the Wiladat of the Imam of our Time, Imam Al Mahdi (ATFS), we celebrated with all our kids our happiness of the occasion.

On this joyful occasion, we organized a ceremony to bring together the kids, the donors, well wishers and most importantly the parents who made running of this school smooth and successful since its establishment in early 2008.

A Diploma was given to each child who participated, means a lot to them and it will give them motivation to continue each Sunday at 7 A.M. playing and enjoying the game of football.

Alhaj Shahik RAJABALY founded the HEFCK in February 2008, and he was assisted by Reza HOUSSENALY as his Hon. Secretary in the sport department.

The above two members are currently the Chairman of CROI SPORTS DEPARTMENT in MADAGASCAR and were recently appointed as the AFED SPORTS COUNCIL at a Committee Member.


These are the parents and some members of the MADAGASCAR REGIONAL COUNCIL - CROI:


Below is a photograph of the closing ceremony, seen here are our kids of the football school.


May ALLAH (SWT) accept all our actions, ibad'ats we performed in the Holy Month of Ramadhan 1434 AH, and may He give us all more strength and tawfeeq'at to do more each year. Whilst we spend some of our free time in the Sporting activities during the Holy Month of Ramadhan, our focus and our determined efforts is and shall remain always towards building a society of good morals and inculcate the Islamic values as taught and recommended by our Aeema-e-Tahireen (AS).  This shall always remain in the forefront of all our activities and our core efforts towards building a strong foundation of our children and youths in Madagascar.

We are thankful to the Conseil Regional of Madagascar Office Bearers for their continuous support and guidance; we also wish to express our appreciation to KSI Jamaat of Antananarivo for their support and cooperation and to all the participants, especially the kids and all donors and well-wishers who supported us throughout the year.

With Duas.sp8

Shahik Rajabaly & Reza Houssenaly

Sports Department of CROI, Madagascar

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