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The 31st Session of the Conseil Régional Des Khojas Shia Ithna-Asheri Jamates De L' océan Indien (CROI) was held in Antananarivo from 17th to 18th May 2013, with a good attendance of leaders and members from several Jamaats in Madagascar, including from the Island of Mauritius. During the official opening Session on Friday night, a large number of community members, gents and ladies were present to witness the occasion.

The Africa Federation Office Bearers also attended the above Sessions, the delegation comprised of Alhaj Shabir Najafi, Vice Chairman at the Secretariat, Alhaj Amine Nassor, Vice Chairman from the Union Des Associations Khodjas Shia Ithnasheri De La Reunion (UAKSIR) and Alhaj Aunali Khalfan, Hon. Secretary of the Africa Federation (AFED).

A Joint Meeting - CROI with AFED:


A Joint meeting of the Outgoing and Incoming CROI Managing Committee was organized with participation of the AFED Office Bearers; it was held at terrace of the Central Hotel in Antananarivo on Thursday, 16th May. A number of issues were discussed with a focus primarily on the current needs and the future development of our community, especially in regards to Madressah, Tableegh, Higher Education, Healthcare and Economic Upliftment. The Vice Chairman, Alhaj Shabir Najafi stressed the need to work cohesively with all members and involve the philanthropists and well-wishers, he said this is vital in the light of the new challenges we face in our areas, more so with the current globalization challenges taking roots in many countries, this is also affecting us in Africa.

It was agreed that the CROI Secretariat will prepare a Dossier for further discussions and collaboration with the AFED Secretariat. It was also agreed for CROI to initiate and carry out a proper Census of all our Jamaats in Madagascar. It was emphasized that the basic and accurate information will make it possible to plan better services for the Jamaats, solve some existing problems (should there are any) in connection with welfare, housing, education needs etc. The statistics can also be utilized for forecasting for development and also used for emergency preparedness, like the recent Cyclone in Tulear.


A brief report on the 31st CROI Assembly:

The Sessions of the 31st CROI Assembly started on Friday afternoon. The deliberations were focused, informative and healthy with good participation from the Jamaats and other dignitaries who were present at the Sessions.


The AFED Vice Chairman from Reunion (UAKSIR), Alhaj Amine Nassor delivered the address on behalf of the AFED Chairman Alhaj Anwarali Dharamsi who had travelled to Iraq and Iran for Ziyarat.

The AFED Vice Chairman at the Secretariat, who is also the World Federation Executive Councillor, Alhaj Shabir Najafi delivered a message on behalf of the World Federation President, Alhaj Dr. Asgar Moledina who is recuperating from a surgery. Both the leaders in their messages underscored the importance of strengthening unity among all members, Jamaats and the Federations. The core of the message by the Africa Federation Chairman was "Our Unity is Our Strength; and Our Strength is in Our Unity".

Alhaj Anwarali Dharamsi strongly emphasized the need to build relationships with other communities and organize inter-faith programs to strengthen public relations with all faiths and people from different denominations. He pointed out the prevailing difficult situation whereby it is imperative that we do not isolate ourselves, he cautioned members to be mindful of what we preach and how we present ourselves to the outside world.


Four Madagascar Community Members Honoured:

Conseil Regional of Madagascar has bestowed Medals upon four members in recognition of their selfless and honorary services rendered in various fields to the Conseil and to the community at large. The presentations were made on Friday night, during the official opening of the 31st CROI General Assembly. All recipients were also presented with the Citations which were read out in Gujarati by the Secretary General of CROI, Alhaj Mounis-Raza Fidahoussen. It was a moment of joy and reflection for all the recipients whose selfless services were recognized.

The Husseini Medal and a Citation was also presented to Alhaj Aunali Ghiela who was not present at the time of the presentation. He was recognized for his voluntary and honorary services to the community members in Madagascar and in Paris.





Inauguration of the New Chairman:

At this Session, the newly elected Chairman of the Conseil Regional of Madagascar, Alhaj Navazaly Rossanaly Molou was inducted in a brief ceremony. Navazaly bhai was elected unopposed in the March 2013 CROI Presidential Election for the term 2013-2016.


After his induction, Alhaj Navazaly addressed the august body and spoke on his plans and expressed his determination to work closely with the Jamaats and visit all the Jamaats to meet up with the leadership and the community members, he promised to support the good initiatives to promote good working environment and developments in the Jamaats and the membership of Madagascar.


Navazaly bhai also thanked the outgoing President, Alhaj Sabirhoussen Goulamaly and his Office Bearers for their efforts in resolving the issue of the membership of CROI with the Africa Federation and praised for the various other work they did during the last term.


Above: The Secretary General, Anil bhai Alimamod announced the following names of the new Office Bearers and the Managing Committee members with their portfolios:

Navazaly R. Molou               -        President
Mohamedraza Jivan            -        Vice President
Anil Mahomed Alimamod   -       Secretary General
Rafik Fidhoussen                -        Hon. Treasurer
Zakhi Saleman                     -        Hon. Jt. Treasurer (Musafirkhana)
Hussein Bhalloo                  -        Committee Member (Communications &Investments)
Zahid Mamodbakar             -        Committee Member (Social Services)
Zoher Mahamodraza           -        Committee Member (Education)
Reza Badouraly                    -        Committee Member (Sports)
Chahik Rajabaly                   -        Committee Member (Sports)
Feride Ismael                        -        Committee Member (Economic)
Naide Jamal                          -        Committee Member (Economic)

On behalf of the Chairman, Office Bearers, Trustees and the Councillors of AFED, we extend our heartiest congratulations to the above named members on their appointments and we wish them every success in their endeavors, Ameen.


Above, a "Round Table Meeting" with the Madagascar Jamaats Presidents, CROI Office Bearers and Managing Committee members with AFED officials was held after the closing of the General Assembly, various topics were discussed including sharing of information and effective communications between AFED, CROI and Jamaats under CROI.

The Secretariat wishes to record its appreciation to the past Chairman Alhaj Sabirhoussein Goulamly, the Vice President Alhaj Mojiz-e-Raza Khamis, the Secretary General, Alhaj Mounisse-Raza Fidahoussen, the Advisor on International Affairs, Alhaj Mohamedraza Khamis, the other Office Bearers and, Sister Farzana and Sukaina at the Secretariat for their support and co-operation accorded during their tenure, we wish them all tawfeeqat, good health with long life and success, Ameen.

We welcome the CROI Chairman, Navazaly bhai Molou, who is also the Vice Chairman of AFED and wish him and his team every success, we pray for their tawfeeqat, good health with long life, Ameen.


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