This report was presented during opening ceremony of Husaini Shia Islamic Centre Stanmore London on Saturday 2nd December 1989 / 4th Jamadi ul Aakhar 1410 AH:

The Ithna-Asheri Union (Union) has various functions, foremost of which is to provide a platform for the youths to express their views, and to participate in the daily needs of the society. To this effect, the Union has organized bodies to integrate the community with the Islamic Centre. The Union Volunteers perform duties in the car park, serving food and tea to the public, and deep in the heart of the centre far from sight, they do the washing up and cleaning of the large utensils in the kitchen which were used to prepare the food. The Union has also initiated the formation of the literary Section which has a healthy and ever growing selection of Video and Audio cassettes available in its library based in the centre. The Literary section has arranged debates in the past which bring various topics for front to increase the communication and debating skills of the youths.

With the view that all work and no play is unhealthy, the Union introduced the Sports Section. This body hires facilities of local sports centers for practice and tournaments, and uses the premises of the Islamic Centre for table tennis and weight lifting on a regular basis.

The Union has managed to send the sports team once to Nairobi and the second time to Dar es Salaam to participate in the Africa Federation Supreme Council Sport Festival, as well as in World Federation Tournaments.

Plenty still remains to be achieved. The need for Sport ground is acute, as well the encouragement of the youngster to participate by forming some sort of Scout section. Step could be taken to link our youth here with those overseas in some form of exchange trip. These are all on the agenda and sincerely hope that the next committee and Chairman will be able to implement these and other aspirations for the benefit of the next generation.

Source: Souvenir Issue Newsletter - Husaini Shia Islamic Centre, Stanmore December 1989

Comments by AFED Archives Sectional Secretary: Sports facilities for our community to facilitate and entice sports and physical activities for our members of all age for both genders are critically and essentially important. Our leaders must look into this matter seriously.

05th October 2018 / 25th Muharam 1440 AH

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