Mister President, Councillors and Delegates,

My Jamaat is grateful to the Supreme Council for having convened the 6th Conference Meeting of the Federation of the Khoja Shia Ithna-Asheri Jamaats of Africa, on its invitation, in Dar-es-Salaam, as the Conference under the hospitality of my Jamaat.
Therefore, with a feeling of great indebtedness, I on behalf of my Jamaat welcome you, Mr. President, Councillors and Delegates to Dar-es-Salaam, a haven of Peace, and I assure you the name this town bears is far from being a misnomer.
While the cool sea-breeze here is plenty and beyond exhaustion, it is only fair that I should caution you at the mischievous trick the breeze might play in lullabying even an anxious and forceful prospective speaker to a sound sleep complaint at gusts of cool sea-breeze in the hot climate will not be entertained.

Gentlemen, the relation of my Jamaat with the Federation is enviably of maternal nature. Verily, was it not Dar-Es-Salaam that offered its venue to give birth, and therefore nativity to the Federation some 14 year back? The excited feeling of my Jamaat tonight, therefore, tantamount to that of an indulgent mother welcoming her 14 year old sweet son his own household. My expression under the circumstances should be aptly estimated and esteemed when I say to you all “make yourselves at Home” here.

Here is the place where we can instill more energy in the machinery of the Federation enthuse more zeal in the member-Jamaat and inspire in ourselves new ideas not to remain paper-deep but to materialize. If lurking in our hearts is that same spirit of dynamic action, then looming over our heads are the same stars of success. So let us say, “YA ALI” and have a go.
Nobody can have the audacity to deny the fact that the establishment of the Federation was turning point for our community in its path of struggle to progress and develop, and if we look back over the span of those 14 years, we shall find, if we have a candid sense of appreciation, that our community as a single unit fared well in its efforts to keep itself, under a single guidance and direction in general, abreast of changing time and conditions in competition with the other sister communities.

Things that could not be accomplished by an individual Jamaat for its lone benefits could with great ease be transformed from a dream to a blue-print and thence to a concrete reality through a pool of efforts and means of more Jamaats for equal and mutual benefits.
Extracted: Federation Samachar Vol 1 No 4, December 31, 1960. (AFED was established in 1946)


Group photograph with the Africa Federation President, Alhaj Ebrahim Sheriff Dewji (in the center) with Councilors, Delegates and DSM Jamaat Community Members at the Boarding House – UN Road, DSM



6th April 2018 (19th Rajab 1439 AH)

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