The Archives section under the Africa Federation Secretariat has resumed working on the digitization of documents, books and files in possession in the Archives section.  It is expected that once this exercise is completed, a directory of all such documents will be prepared for ease of reference.
The Africa Federation Secretariat is pleased to introduce and welcome the following three youths who have wholeheartedly come forward to provide the much needed voluntary services to the Archives section. This will also provide them with unique opportunity to learn and grasp history of our Community. They are the future torch-bearers of our Community and AFED is making all efforts to encourage the youths through Afed Youth Network (AYN) to develop in them sense of leadership leading to progress, productivity and prosperity.
In his remarks, Alhaj Murtaza Jivraj (Kerbala), the Sectional Secretary of Archives said - “I am very pleased to state that the work undertaken by these three dedicated hardworking Volunteers is progressing well. I applaud them for contributing their valuable time, and the commitment and enthusiasm they have shown in helping to sort out and record the historical documents in our possession. I look forward to the success of this assignment in the next 2 years which will make it convenient for all interested Community members to access the information”.

ABBASALEY M. ABBAS (18) currently resides in Dar es Salaam and is pursuing his A Levels at Al Muntazir Islamic Seminary. He is interested in several activities like sports, arts, history and language. Abbasaley has been involved in the services and projects with a few organizations within the community and has been active participant and as a volunteer in various Africa Federation Programs which include the AFED Conference 2016, Solidarity Day and AFTAB Quran Competition. He has also been part of the recent World Federation, Project North Star. He looks forward being part of the Archives committee as it is going to provide a platform to serve, and fulfill his passion in knowing more by prodding deep into the history.

AYYAD PADHANI (16) is currently pursuing his A levels. He loves playing badminton and soccer. He has been involved in the community services and in some local organizations. He believes that joining the Archives committee of the Africa Federation is going to be a step forward towards his desire to serve the Community for the pleasure of Allah (swt).

ALIABBAS HAMEER (17) was born and brought up in Dar-es-Salaam and is completing his GCSE's at Aga Khan Mzizima Secondary School. He has worked for various youth bodies in Dar es Salaam, and it’s one of his favourite activities, as he learns practical lessons and how he can tackle them and prepares for challenges ahead in life. His main hobby is sports i.e. Football, Volleyball, Cricket, Badminton and Table Tennis.  He has represented his school and Jamaat in various sports tournaments.

The Africa Federation Secretariat appreciates the dedication of these three youths. They set good examples and inspiration for others to come forward to serve the Community in various sections. We are thankful to these young and energetic Volunteers and are pleased to see them progressing in their studies and professions.
The Africa Federation Archives Section
10th April 2017
12th Rajab 1438 A.H.

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