In 1926, the Faize Ithna Asheri was established in Zanzibar where the following contributed for its welfare activities:

Marhum Haji Hussein Sheriff Dewji
Marhum Haji Esmail Gulamhussein
Marhum Haji Abdulhussein Rashid Nathani
Marhum Haji Abdulhussein Nasser Bhalloo
Marhum Haji Abdulrasul Alidina Saleh
Marhum Haji M. D. Kermali
Marhum Haji Hussein A Rahim
Whilst beginning the night religious classes, Marhum Haji Abdulrasul Alidina Saleh, Marhum Haji Gulamhussein Sachedina Lalji and Marhum Haji H M Rashid (Nathani) were serving as administrators.
In 1928, Faize Ithna Asheri established the night religious classes which previously was functioning under Marhum Haji Mohamed Mulla Jaffer of Mehfile Shahe Najaf where he used to impart religious knowledge.  The committee members used to run the day to day issues of Faize Ithna Asheri by taking support from Marhum Haji Mulla Mohamed together with the contribution from Marhum Haji Mohamed Mulla Jaffer as well as Marhum Haji Raza Rashid Nathani, Marhum Haji H M Rashid (Nathani),Marhum Haji Mohamedjaffer Rashid Nathani (Maalim Mia) and many others who served the institute.

In 1958, the heirs of Marhum Haji Dharamsi Gangji donated a spacious building worth Shs. 150,000/- to run the night classes of the Faize Ithna Asheri with the day school.
The group photograph taken in the year 1951 shows the teachers seated and the students graduating in the final year as Madressa teachers standing.  The four seated on the ground were four students in top class, a special class which was opened for those who wanted to continue their studies after they finished class A.

Sitting on the ground (L to R): Jaffer Boga, Yusuf Allidina, Abdul Hussein Takim and Gulamabbas Kara
Sitting (L to R): Maalim Gulamhussein Peera, Alhaj Abbas Tejani, Alhaj Mohamedhussein Tejani, Maalim Mohamed Jivraj, Maalim Raza Nathani, Seyed Jabir Hussein, Seyed Agha Mehdi Shushtari, Maalim MohamedJaffer Nathani (Maalim Mia), Alhaj Mohamedhussein Lalji, Maalim Najaf Tejani and Alhaj Akber Thawer.
Standing (L to R): Baker Nathani, Hamza Chatoo, Jaffer Tejani, Mohamedali Juma, Gulamabbas Saleh (Golo Saleh), Ahmed Issa, Mohamed Khalfan, Mohamedhussein Kermali, Baker Tejani and Yusuf Sheriff
Extracted from:  AF Directory 1960, Picture Courtesy of Haji Mohamed Khalfan
Please remember all the Marhumeens and Volunteers who passed away with Sura-e-Fateha for the maghferat of their souls – Ameen.
Alhaj Murtaza Jivraj (Kerbala)
27th January 2017 (28th Rabiul Aakhar 1438 AH)

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