At the Africa Federation Conference held in Arusha in the year 1958, a resolution was passed to form a deputation (delegation) to raise the funds in the following countries:

  1. Tanganyika
  2. Uganda
  3. Kenya
  4. Zanzibar
  5. Pemba
  6. Mkoani (Pemba)
  7. Belgian congo
  8. Ruanda (now Rwanda)
  9. Urundi (now Burundi)

The deputation members were as follows:


  1. Ebrahim bhai Sheriff Dewji of Arusha, in capacity as President of AFED.
  2. Hon. Abdulhussein bhai Noormohamed Kalyan of Mombasa.
  3. Mohamedhusseinbhai Gulamhussein of Mombasa.
  4. Mohamedhusseinbhai Gulamali of Mombasa/Congo.
  5. Fidahusseinbhai Rashid Moledina of Mombasa.
  6. Hassanali bhai Nasser Virji of Mwanza.
  7. J. M. Jaffer of DSM.
  8. Suleiman Mohamed Bhimji of DSM.
  9. Noormohamed bhai Nasser Walji of DSM.
  10. Mohamed bhai Ladak Kanji of Moshi.
  11. Murrabi Pirbhai Visram of Kampala.
  12. Gulamalibhai Mohamedali Ramji of Kampala.
  13. Mohamedalibhai G. R. Hansraj of Mbale, Uganda.
  14. Abdulla bhai Fazal of Bukoba.
  15. Ahmedbhai A.M. Lakha of Zanzibar.
  16. M. A. Saleh of Zanzibar.
  17. Maulana Ansari Saheb.
  18. Maulana Zawar Hussein.


The deputation travelled for nine months (16-1-1959 to 8-10-1959) to all the cities, towns and villages where our brothers were residing in the year 1959.

The deputation was divided into four (4) groups to visit the regions. Many of our brothers from upcountry Jamaats joined the main deputation for this noble task. The members who joined from upcountry Jamaats were the following:


  1. Maulana Professor Khwaja Mohamedlatif Ansari of Mombasa.
  2. Mohamedhussein bhai Merali Dewji of Kampala.
  3. Hussein bhai Nasserali Panju.
  4. Mohamedtaki bhai Somji.
  5. Mohamedtaki bhai Habib.
  6. Mohamed bhai Dewji Manji.
  7. Mohamed bhai Suleiman Khimji.
  8. Mohamed bhai Hansraj of Mbale, Uganda.
  9. Hussein bhai Kassam Mohamed of Hoima, Uganda.
  10. Mussabhai Alibhai.
  11. Mohammedjafferbhai Bahadurali Mawji.
  12. Merali bhai Mulji.
  13. Mohamedali bhai Alibhai of Congo.
  14. Kermali bhai Esmail.
  15. Mohamedtaki bhai Rehmtulla.
  16. Jaffer bhai Mohamedali Merali.
  17. Anverbhai Karim Mohamed Tharoo.
  18. Mohamedali bhai Sheriff.
  19. Mohamedjaffer bhai Nasser Virji.
  20. Karim bhai Rehmtulla.
  21. Amirbhai M.J. Mulla.
  22. Ladhu bhai Jaffer
  23. Gulamali bhai Fazal.
  24. Gulamali bhai Jetha.
  25. Razabhai Kermali Pirbhai.
  26. Fazal bhai Ladha Dinani.
  27. Rashid bhai Versi.


List of cities, towns, villages visited for funds in seven countries.






After the completion of the tour a total amount of T.Shs. 696,000 was collected. Marhum Ebrahim bhai emphasized that this amount was not enough considering the needs of our brothers he saw during his tour. The deputation travelled approximately 13,239 miles by air, land and water. The cities, towns and villages visited in Tanganyika were 82, Uganda 20, Congo, Ruanda and Burundi 19, Kenya 2, Zanzibar and Pemba 4. Total 127 centres were visited and they met about 1,200 of our brothers. During the tour the amount of T.Shs. 500,000 was donated by Marhum Haji Mohamed Jaffer of Lindi for the boarding house project (now Al-Muntazir Islamic Seminary).

Source: Booklet titled “Foundation Fund, Scholarship and Tabligh fund”, published by Itnasheri Supreme Council, Arusha and printed by Dar es Salaam Printers Ltd, Dar es Salaam.

A true reflection of love, devotion and unity of the community members towards the institution and for a noble cause they all stood up to the occasion to raise funds for Education & Tabligh Foundation. They sacrificed their time and endured hardships of travelling to all these places by different means to raise Foundation Fund for the good cause. Some of the unsung Heroes of our community - may Allah (SWT) by His infinite mercy and grace grant all the Marhumeens with maghferat and raise their status. Let us remember them with Sura-e-Fateha.
Photographs courtesy of Br. Murtaza Jivraj (Kerbala)

24th June, 2016 (18thMahe Ramadhan, 1437 AH)

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