Alhaj Mulla Ahmed A.M. Lakha

Marhum Ahmed A.M. Lakha was born in Zanzibar in 1900.  From a very young age his interest in acquiring secular as well as religious knowledge was very much evident. To this end, he attained high level of education through private efforts, specializing in Arabic and Persian languages.

A staunch supporter of Africa Federation, Marhum Mulla Ahmed Lakha was a kind hearted philanthropist, Zakir-e-Hussein and a good orator. Due to his gift of oratory he established himself as a renowned Zakir for almost 65 years and the young generation benefitted from his teaching of religion at the Sir Euvan Smith Madressa primary School, where he was a teacher for many years.

His many achievements and recognitions include a decoration by Sultan of Zanzibar in 1936 of a Silver Jubilee medal, nominating him as an Honorable Member of Zanzibar Legislative Council and the decoration of M.B.E. in 1952 by the British Government. He also served as the President of Hujjatul Islam Jamaat of Zanzibar for many years, representing them in Federation Meetings since its inception. He has also served as the Vice Chairman of the Supreme Council and was awarded the “Hussein Medal” in appreciation of his dedicated services to the community.

His passing away in London on 24th June 1989 has deprived the community of a rare personality with a high caliber of learning and a humble heart.

His son, Marhum Alhaj Murtaza Lakha, Barrister at Law followed footsteps of his late father; he also delivered lectures on various topics including Islamic History, the tragedy of Karbala especially during the months of Muharram and Safar, travelling to many places outside UK.

May Allah (SWT) grant the Marhumeen high status amongst His chosen ones, grant them maghferát and reward them abundantly for their dedication and selfless services in the mission of Islam and in spreading the message of Ahlul Bayt (AS) to the masses, Ameen. 

Partly extracted from Federation Samachar Volume 24 Issue No. 2 – Jamadiul Aakhar 1410/January 1990

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