Timeless Words of Wisdom on the timely need to understand the need of the times!
Extracted from InSight Magazine, a publication of The World Federation
Issue 14, Muharram 1425 – March 2004

 “I don’t pray for His acceptance of my amaal as much as I pray for the opportunity to serve – Mulla Asghar”

Four years on (2000 – 2004), one cannot help but remember Mulla Asghar’s timeless words on the timely need to understand the need of the times to recognize the goals of this community: “Time has come” he said, “that we recognize our goal.  What do we need? We need a society where every act of good-will is propelled and driven by the sincere intention to please Allah and none else.”
At the same time, demonstrating a commitment to excellence in the Community, he stated that “…… we rise above the mean and the mediocre to that which is high and sublime.”
In order to achieve this he boldly opined as early as 1975 that “Unless the youth of this community are prepared and have girdled their loins to serve the community to the best of their abilities, this community left in the hands of the hardcore traditionalists will not be able to take any strides ahead.”
Mulla always held tenaciously to his principles, which, on occasion, led to decisions which seemed out of step with prevailing trends.  That meant he pleased many and displeased some, or sometimes pleased a few and displeased many.  But then who said Mulla was a fair-weather leader who backed down because of public opinion.  Though he was always for the unity of the community, he maintained that could not be done at expense of “Compromising on the basic fundamentals….”  He said, “Weak partners will never make a strong team.”
In 1987, he penned a tribute to Mulla Thawara, which rings so true about himself:
What we were and what we said will then be understood
When no longer, we will grace your sittings and assemblies.
Countless minds were set thinking, many lives changed by him.  His impact on our society remains nothing short of phenomenal and understood correctly his words continue to shift paradigms.

Saturday, 21st March 2015 marks the 15th death anniversary of Marhum Mulla Asghar Ali M. M. Jaffer – A renowned Scholar, a great visionary and dedicated leader of our community. Let us all remember him with Sura-e-Fateha, and pray for his maghferat. 
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