Bismillahi Rahmanir Rahim

Ulame Kiraam, My Elders and Brothers in Islam

Salaamun Alaikum,

On this auspicious occasion, please accept hearty greetings of EID MUBARAK on behalf of myself, the Managing Committee & Trust Board of the Jamaat.

On this Blessed day, let us remember & pray for people in distress all over the world especially Palestine, Syria, Iraq & Pakistan. May Allah Subhanahu wa ta'ala remove their distress, establish peace & tranquillity in this world- ilaahi ameen

Unfortunately, the Chairman is unable to be here with us today, but sends his personal greetings to each one of you and your families.

I do not wish to take up much of your time as we all need to be with our loved ones on this auspicious occasion.

However, I would just like to list out the current salient tasks being undertaken & those achieved by your managing committee

Medical Insurance – This scheme was launched to the Community, both inpatient & outpatient sometimes in early September this year. However, the response has not been very encouraging & Members are requested to take the scheme seriously, especially those have no medical cover. Brothers, we are all aware what it entails for a single hospitalization & therefore need to have adequate cover for any eventualities. For any further information or clarification, please feel free to contact our Honorary Secretary, Brother Mohamedhussein Khaku

Media and IT – Our Mombasa Jamaat  website is fully operational & in addition to this, an interactive Mombasa Jamaat Marhumeen website was launched on 12th October, 2012. Members are requested to take advantage of both these websites.

Resident A'alim – It has been almost two years that we have had no Resident A'alim & I am pleased to inform you that the Jamaat has engaged the services of Syed Mir Sarkarali Abidi from Banglore, for a period of two years.

Members Directory – The Jamaat in conjunction with Ithna Asheri Young Men's Union Volunteers Section is embarking on compilation of data for Members Directory 2013. Volunteers will be stationed within the compound after the Idd Namaz program & Idd Lunch  to collect the data. Members are  requested to cooperate & provide the necessary information. The Jamaat will be also undertake a Census exercise in due course, details of which will be be communicated to you well  in advance.

Ashre Muharram – We have confirmed Sheikh Mohamed Rashid from Birmingham to recite the night majalises & Mohtarama Mulyani Anjum Mukadam from Mumbai  for the Ladies evening majalises.

My Dear Brothers, the above tasks are not conclusive and your Managing Committee shall continue at regular intervals update you on any progress being made on Jamaat activities. Any member having any proposals, suggestions or constructive criticisms in regards to the general running of the Jamaat, is at liberty to communicate the same in writing to the Honorary Secretary.

Lastly, on this auspicious day of Idd, please let us remember all Marhumins who were with us previously & have left this mortal world for the next abode.

Sura e fateha.

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