Circular No: JMT/148/2018                                          


We wish to inform our community members that the Islamic Laws English Version of Tawdhihul Masael Third Edition is available on sale at the Tabligh Bookstore of the KSI Jamaat Dar-es-Salaam (opposite our Mosque on Indira Gandhi Street).
This edition of 767 pages is according to the Fatwas of His Eminence Ayatullah al-Sayyid Ali al-Husayni al-Sistani (Based on his 32nd Edition) and comprises of rulings pertaining to both ‘Ritual Acts of Worship’ and ‘Transactions’.

This is a new Annotated translation by Sheikh Mohammed Ali Ismail.

Limited copies available from AFED Office on Olympio Street at cost price of T. Shs. 45,000/- or US $ 20.
Upcountry Jamaats are requested to send their orders to the Africa Federation Secretariat office vide Email:


Ref: AF/PR/51/2018                                                        

The sacred month of Dhul Hijjah brings with it glad tidings and hope. By the Grace and Blessings of Allah (SWT), the Africa Federation Housing Development Board has embarked on yet another notable housing project in Dar es Salaam, named Amira Residency.
This Housing Development Project is meant for the first time buyers as outlined in the Vision of the Chairman of the Africa Federation, Alhaj Shabirbhai Najafi during his term 2016-2019.

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REF: EB/SH/07/18                                                         


The Africa Federation Education Board in collaboration with the Madrasah Centre of Excellence (MCE) and the Africa Federation Tabligh Board (AFTAB) and Capacity Building Group (CBG) organized and conducted the Neuro-Psychology of Learning Program (NPL) from 9th to 13th April for Nairobi Jaffery Academy in Nairobi. The workshops were facilitated by Br. Shabbirhussein Khalfan, and Sis Shama Dewji from CBG. A total of 40 teachers and admin staff were trained in 2 cohorts.

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Ref: AF/PR/50/2018                                                      

On Friday, July 27, 2018 the Africa Federation (AFED) office bearers had the pleasure to welcome and meet the Vice President of North American Shia Ithna-Asheri Muslim Communities (NASIMCO) Br. Arif Jacksi at the AFED Secretariat office in Dar Es Salaam.
The AFED Vice Chairman, Br. Aunali Khalfan, the Hon. Secretary, Br. Hussein Karim and the Asst. Hon. Secretary, Br. Alihassan Kassam met with Br. Arif whose visit provided both the Regional Federations - NASIMCO and AFED with an opportunity to discuss matters of common interest.

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In December 1989 Union Sports Club (USC), sports section of the Ithna-Asheri Union of Dar Es Salaam extended their club relations beyond the borders of Africa by accepting the invitation from Jaffery Sports Club of Dubai, U.A.E. to play series of games which included cricket, volleyball, football and squash. This was the first ever trip for any cricketing club in Tanzania to travel for sports outside Africa.

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 This is a Book full of Blessings that we have revealed unto you so people ponder upon its verses and men of intellect may reflect. (Qur’an 38:29)

Africa Federation Tabligh Board (AFTAB) organized the 14th Afed annual Quran Competition from the 19th to the 22nd of July 2018 in Nairobi graciously hosted by Shia Asna Asheri Jamaat (SAAJ).
The Qur’an Competitions being held annually to inspire and motivate students, children and individuals from our member Jamaats in Africa to connect and reflect with better understanding of the Holy Qur’an.

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Ref: AF/PR/49/2018                                                            

In the name of Allah, The Most Gracious, The Most Merciful
He is the only Lord, the King, the Holy, the Peace, the Forgiver, the Watchful Guardian, the Majestic, the Dominant, and the Exalted. God is too exalted to have any partner.(Holy Qur’an, Surah Al Hashr 59:23)
"Labbaik Allahumma Labbaik, Labbaika La Shareeka Laka Labbaik, Innal Hamdah, Wan Nematah, Laka wal Mulk, La Shareeka Laka"
(“Here I am, O Allah (in response to Your call), here I am. Here I am, You have no partner, here I am. Verily all praise, grace and all sovereignty are Yours, You have no partner”)

We are blessed to once again witness the Hajj season where the fortunate ones have travelled to Madinah and Makkah responding to the call of Allah (SWT), The Almighty, The Majestic, The Supreme … in fulfilling their obligation of Hajj.

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Alhamdulillah by the grace of Allah (S.W.T), the Al Asghery Housing has been successfully completed with process of the handing over of the apartments to the buyers has now been done.

This housing project has benefitted our community members of our Dar es Salaam Jamaat. The entire project is on a ‘Rent to Own’ scheme basis which will eventually relieve the buyers of the rental burden, and will become home owners, especially with trend of the economic challenges which exists and may persist for a long time, as being predicted by the economists.

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 At the age of 30, Mumtazali bhai Kassam, with his very young family, was inspired to migrate from Mombasa to Nakuru for greener pastures in January of 1980 being among the first arrivals in alien place.
However, within days, Nakuru Jamaat was formed from the four families existing at the time and Mumtazbhai was elected as its first ever Chairman to lead the community.
Thankfully the Jamaat received encouraging guidance and support from Murrabbi Alhaj Hussein Bhai Alimohamed Jaffer who had already settled down in Nakuru.

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Circular No: JMT/145/18                                                         

The Africa Federation (AFED) in pursuing its vision and goals for the term 2016-2019 has decided to collect data (Census) which will provide basis and assist us significantly in forward planning of our community in Africa in areas such as economic development, education, housing etc. thus the Census Bureau has been formed with the appointment of Alhaj Shiraz P. Walji of Dar-es-Salaam as Head of the AFED Census Bureau in May 2018.

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