Gulamhussein Remtulla Hansraj – Soroti, Uganda

Gulamhussein bhai arrived in Africa at the age of 12 and joined in the employment of Esmail Khimji’s branch in Lindi, under a three year contract at a salary of 1000 kodis which was equivalent of 300 rupees for 3 years. He arrived in Lindi in 1906 and at that time the Ithnaasheri community’s population was 200. The names of few of the traders at that time were as follows: Ali Walli, Kassamali Walli, Esmail Haji Khimji, Jaffer Najak, Moledina Karim Waaras, Alidina Walli Khaki, Gulamhussein Remtulla Pardhan, Alidina Mohamed Sajan, Moledina Mohamed, Gulamali Jaffer, Moledina Sumar, Allarakhia Sumar, Murji Moledina, Hirji Merali, Talib Dossa, Jaffer Premji, Pirmohamed Janmohamed and Mulla Esmail Gulamhussein. There were several others whose names he did not remember but he could recall the above as they were all from Kutch Mundra. There was only one Ismaili family.

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Ref: CHB/HB/52/16                                                                       


What is DVT? 

Deep vein thrombosis (DVT) is a blood clot in one of the deep veins in the body.
Blood clots that develop in a vein are also known as venous thrombosis. DVT usually occurs in a deep leg vein, a larger vein that runs through the muscles of the calf and the thigh.

It can cause pain and swelling in the leg and may lead to complications such as pulmonary embolism.
This is when a piece of blood clot breaks off into the bloodstream and blocks one of the blood vessels in the lungs.
DVT and pulmonary embolism together are known as venous thromboembolism (VTE).

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Marhum Haji Mohamedali Janmohamed Kessani was born in Mikindani, southern Tanganyika in 1896. His father Janmohamed Kessani was born in Mundra, Kutch and had lived for many years in Mikindani where he died. After the death of his father in 1900, Mohamedalibhai’s relatives arranged for him to be sent to a boarding primary school in Mumbai. He completed Level 2 Gujarati primary education in 1902. A renowned businessman from Mogadishu, Fazalbhai Hasham, while in Mumbai, offered him a job and he travelled with him to Mogadishu in 1908. After working at Fazalbhai for 15 years, he started his own business.

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“Together WE Can Make a Difference”

“If a man like Muhamed were to assume the dictatorship of the modern world, he would succeed in solving its problems that would bring it the much needed peace and happiness.”  George Bernard Shaw

Michael H Hart in his book The 100, Ranking of the most Influential Persons in History selected Prophet Muhammed (SAWW) as the most influential person, his reason was that it was only Prophet Muhammed who was supremely successful in both religious and secular levels.
To mark the birth anniversary of this Great and Noble Personality, Bilal Muslim Mission of Kenya organized Milad Un Nabii (SAWW) Celebrations on 30th December 2015 at the Bilal Hall, Mombasa. The function attracted Muslims brothers from all corners of Mombasa and it’s environ. Qaswida were recited by various individuals.

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Muballigheen Development Program
December 2015
“Together WE can make a Difference”

"If a person gains knowledge and does not act upon it, it is just like a person has treasure and does not use it” Imam Jaffer AlSadiq

“An investment in knowledge always pays the best interest” Bejamin Franklin

For the sixth consecutive year, the Mission in collaboration with IEB of World Federation of KSIMC, The Federation of KSI Jamaats of Africa and the Central Bilal Board organized a ten day workshop for muballigheen and muballighat in an effort to create a platform to share knowledge and experience.

The workshop attracted 85 participants from various organizations in Kenya, Tanzanian and Uganda. The lead facilitator for the seminar was Sheikh Ayub Rashid from the United Kingdom.  The workshop commenced on 22nd to the 31st of December 2015 at Bilal Hall.

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Ref: AK/PR/2016/69                                                                   

The Africa Federation Chairman Alhaj Anwarali Dharamsi led a delegation on a 5 days’ visit to Mozambique comprising of Vice Chairman Alhaj Shabir Najafi, Hon. Treasurer Alhaj Mohamed Hemani, Hon. Secretary, Alhaj Aunali Khalfan, Chairman of Central Bilal Board, Alhaj Mohsin Lalji (Sheni) and Chairman of Tabligh Board (AFTAB), Seyed Hassan Naqvi.  The World Federation President, Dr. Asgarali Moledina, who is a resident of Maputo joined the delegation on this visit from 25th to 29th November, 2015.

The visit by the present office bearers was the second during its term; the first visit was in 2011. The purpose of the visit was to meet with the office bearers of the Jamaats, visit Jamaat’s facilities, Madrassahs and to witness the developments of our Community in Maputo, Nampula and Nacala. The plan was also to join the momineen in the Azadari of Sayedus Shohadah during Ashra-e-Zainabiya; this has been customary every year. 

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(1892-1971) - Chiungutwa, Southern Tanzania

 In 1908, at the age 16, Fazalbhai travelled from India and landed in Tanga. After three days in Tanga he went to Pangani where he joined in the employment of Mr Mohamed Karim for 6 months. He then worked for Mr Mohamed Tharoo for 3 years. In 1912 he left Tanga with 4 labourers on a 20 day trip to Singida (300 miles away) on foot. He worked for Jaffer Khimji in Singida for 12 months.
Fazalbhai decided to start his own business. He bought cattle in Singida and went on a 25-day journey on foot to Korogwe where he sold the cattle. He continued this business for 3 years. The business was going on well but an incident in 1916 made him to drop the business. While traveling to Korogwe, he reached Kondoa-Irangi where British rule was already established after the defeat of the Germans.

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Ref: AFED/Off/16                                                                            

The World Federation in partnership with Africa Federation and Council of European Jamaats Launches

The World Federation in partnership with Africa Federation and The Council of European Jamaats have developed a service for writing of Wills - 
Its main purpose of this project is to assist Shia Ithna Asheri Muslims with creating simple Wills according to the ruling of Ayatullah Sayyid al-Sistani. This is normally a complicated activity with many rules applying to different situations. This service simplifies the process.
The site highlights the importance of creating a Will, provides clarity on the most up-to-date rulings from Sayyid al-Sistani and allows one to create his/her own simple Will by generating an example of a Will.
We request the Jamaats to inform Community members on the launch of this important service, so that maximum members can benefit from it.

Circular No:   JMT/176/16                                                      

The Chairman of the Africa Federation, Alhaj Anwarali Dharamsi is pleased to appoint Alhaj Murtaza Ramzanali Jivraj (Kerbala) as the Sectional Secretary of the Africa Federation Archives Section.
The Archives section is an important segment of the Secretariat of the Africa Federation where records and history of our community is preserved for references and for the future generations.
With the support from some community members and Jamaats, we have also been able to gather some old documents, photographs and articles on the historical events, some of these are being published regularly by Archives Section.

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Ref: BMM/ADMIN/004/1437                                                                  


The Chairman Alhaj Riyaz Nasser and the Board Members of Bilal Muslim Mission of Tanzania joined hands with our Muslim brothers in celebration of the birth Anniversary (MAULID) of our beloved Holy Prophet (S.A.W.W) at National Level.

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