CIRCULAR NO: JMT/18/16                                                                            


Jamaats in Africa are informed that there will be a Solar Eclipse on Thursday 1st September 2016 (28th Zilkaad 1437).
The eclipse will begin at 10.13 a.m. and will reach its maximum at 12.04 p.m.  The eclipse will end at 1.56 p.m. (East African time).

This annular solar eclipse will be visible from Madagascar and locations in Central Africa.  For most viewers in Africa, it will be a partial solar eclipse.

Total solar eclipse will be visible in:

  • Franceville, Gabon
  • Mahajanga, Madagascar
  • Saint Paul, Reunion
  • Saint Pierre, Reunion
  • Toamasina, Madagascar

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QC12 1

The 12th AFED Qur’an competition - QC 12 is an annual event organized by the Africa Federation Tableegh Board – AFTAB, this year was hosted by the KSI Jamaat of Dar es Salaam from 5th to 7th August 2016.

The aim of the Qur’an competition is to develop close affinity with the Holy Qur’an, to develop talents and encourage the recitation, awareness and better understanding of the Holy Book amongst the children, young and older generations for every sphere of life in our community. It is also to attain blissful satisfaction and solace in our hearts so that this benefits all in the development of good character spiritually and intellectually.

QC12 2

This is the Book (the Qur’an) about which there is no doubt, a guidance for those conscious of Allah – Surah Al Baqarah, Verse 2.

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Murrabbi Haji Juma Bhai Haji’s simple living and dressing style would deceive anyone into believing that he is owner and director of one of the major business entity in Tanganyika, called Messrs Juma Haji & Co Ltd.

Murrabbi Juma Bhai Haji was born in Lalpur, Kathiawad, India in 1890. He married Jena Bai, Mohammed son of Ebrahim Haji was his adopted son.

After completing primary education, he travelled to Dar es Salaam at the age of 18 and worked in a clothing shop of his uncle.

In 1910, he started his own business selling clothes. In 1921, he opened branches at Kindu and Albertsville in Congo.

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AFSAAJ offers an exceptional opportunity to own a luxurious 3 bedroom apartments nestled in the heart of a tranquil and leafy suburbs of Lavington, Nairobi.

The apartment block are ideally situated within the proximity of the Jaffery Islamic Centre, Jaffery Sports Club, Shopping Centers, Restaurants, Banks and a selection of schools.

Each apartment with a Market Value of roughly USD 220,000 -240,000 is offered to community members at fantastic price of USD 160,000 for investors.

A unique onetime opportunity not to be missed!!!!


CIRCULAR NO: JMT/17/16                                                  


The forecast for the Crescent of 1st Zilhajj 1437 A.H. is as follows: - (Please note that the forecast is based for Dar-es-Salaam and all timings are D’Salaam local time, other towns in the West should make necessary adjustments depending upon the time of sunset).
The birth of the Astronomical New Moon is at 12.04 p.m. on Thursday 1st September 2016 i.e. 28th Zilkaad 1437 A.H.
On Friday 2nd September 2016 the age of the New Moon after the Sun has set is:

Sunset 6.22 p.m.
Crescent age at Sunset 30 hours 18 minutes     
Moonset 7.18 p.m.
Time Duration 56 minutes
Crescent Elongation at Sunset      13.41 degrees
Moon Altitude at Sunset 12.38 degrees


The best time to observe the crescent is when the sun is 5 degrees below the horizon at 6.31 p.m., when the crescent will Insha’Allah be 4 degrees North of West, 3 degrees South of where the sun had set.


Ref: AFED/PR/005/2016                                                     


In the name of Allah, the Most Gracious, the Most Merciful
Hajj - “A Unique Opportunity to Reflect, Contemplate upon and Purify Oneself

"And proclaim the Pilgrimage among men: they will come to you (hurriedly) on foot and (mounted) on every kind of camel, lean on account of journeys through deep and distant mountain highways; - (Surah Al-Hajj 22:27).

“Here I am, O Allah (in response to Your call), here I am. Here I am, You have no partner, here I am. Verily all praise, grace and all sovereignty are Yours, You have no partner”

We are blessed to once again witness the season where a large number of Muslim brethren from all over the world are preparing themselves to perform one of the Wajibats of the Religion of Islam – HAJJ.  Blessed indeed are those who have been bestowed with the opportunity to perform this spiritual journey.

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Ref: AK/PR/2016/04                                                                                                          

The Vice Chairman, Alhaj Aunali Khalfan, accompanied by the newly appointed Hon. Secretary of Africa Federation, Alhaj Hussain Karim, made an official visit to Arusha Jamaat on 30th July, 2016 following the elections of the Africa Federation in April 2016. They met with the Chairman of Arusha Jamaat, Alhaj Shabbir Virjee and his Managing Committee members and Trustees who came into office in June 2016.

The visit was also to introduce Hussein Bhai to the Jamaat officials, also for familiarization and discussion with the Jamaat on various issues concerning both, the member Jamaat and AFED.




CIRCULAR NO: AF/FS/16/16                                                                           


 The Chairman of the Africa Federation, Alhaj Shabir Najafi is pleased to re-appoint Alhaj Munir Hassanali Suleiman Daya as the Chairman of the Editorial Board and Chief Editor of Federation Samachar for the term 2016-2019. Alhaj Shabir Najafi is also pleased to re-appoint Sister Mahjabeen Daya, who has served as Associate Editor of the publication with Alhaj Munir Daya for the past six years.

Br. Munir has served the Africa Federation for 27 years as the Editorial Board Chairman and Chief Editor of Federation Samachar from 1983 to 2004 and for two consecutive terms from 2010 to 2016. 
Brief Profile
In April 2016, at the 26th Triennial Conference and the 78th Supreme Council Session of the Federation of KSI Jamaats held in Dar es Salaam, the then Chairman of Africa Federation Alhaj Anwarali Dharamsi honoured Br. Munir with the prestigious Abbasi Medal for his exemplary and selfless services to the Africa Federation and to the Community at large.  
Br. Munir is the franchise owner of Rentokil Initial Tanzania Ltd., an international company of which he has been the Managing Director since 1995. He is a prolific writer in his spare time embedding significant impact on readers for more than two decades. Similarly, his opinion columns have been published by many newspapers in Tanzania and Kenya, some of which have been recently published in an anthology, “Weekends with Munir Daya”. 


It was on the 27th day of the Holy Month of Ramadhan 1437 AH, 3rd July 2016; a special and spectacular event took place which will go into the history of the Khoja Shia Ithna Asheri community. The Baraza Kuu la Waislamu Tanzania (BAKWATA) and the Khoja Shia Ithna Asheri Jamaat of Dar es Salaam organized an Interfaith Iftaar program at the Shia mosque from 5.30 pm onwards.

The Dar es Salaam Jamaat under the leadership of Alhaj Azim Dewji and the Managing Committee organized a memorable Iftaar program at the Khoja Shia Ithna Asheri mosque along the Indira Gandhi Street. This program was organized to foster closer ties and bring people from different faiths and sects together to break the Ramadhan fast together.

The Chief Guest of the function was Hon. Kassim Majaliwa, Prime Minister of the United Republic of Tanzania.


CIRCULAR NO: AF/SC/15/16                                                                             


The Chairman of the Africa Federation, Alhaj Shabir Najafi is pleased to appoint Alhaj Mohamedhussein Amirali Somji of Mombasa, Kenya to the post of Chairman of the Africa Federation Sports Council for the term 2016 - 2019.
Brief Profile
Mohamedhussein Somji was born in 1966 in Mombasa, Kenya. He completed his Primary Education at the Alibhai Panju Jaffery School, and his Secondary at Agakhan High and Alidina Visram after which he pursued 2 Levels of CPA at Mombasa Polytechnic and joined the family business. 
He presently runs a start up business of distribution of promotional products focused on Brand Management. He also recently completed his Masters degree in Business in emerging markets.

Mohamedhussein is a dedicated social worker who has led one of the oldest Rotary Clubs in Mombasa with recognition from Rotary International. In the Rotary movement he has served in various capacities, as President, Assistant Governor and as a Trustee in the Kenya Country Office.


CIRCULAR NO: AF/WB/14/16                                                 

The Chairman of the Federation of Khoja Shia Ithna-Asheri of Africa, Alhaj Shabir Najafi is pleased to appoint Mrs. Zaheeda Abdulrasul Alishan to the post of Chairperson of the Africa Federation Women Board for the term 2016 - 2019.

Brief Profile
Zaheeda bai completed her Primary Education in Mwanza and continued with her High School Education in Dar es Salaam. She then pursued a Teachers Training Course where she achieved a distinction and a Credit in teaching English as a First Language.
She is an Educationist by profession who has an extensive experience of 20 years in this field.
She is presently the Principal of Al Muntazir Girls Primary School under the Central Board of Education of KSI Jamaat of DSM she is holding this position since the past 8 years.

She had also held additional responsibilities as a Leader in various key positions, i.e. as an Administrator at the Al Muntazir Special Education Needs and as an Operations Manager at the school under the Central Board of Education of KSI Jamaat of Dar es Salaam.


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