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The World Federation has launched its annual FILL MY CUP APPEAL 2017 to raise funds to provide a hot nutritious breakfast for children in East Africa.  This breakfast at school program provides hot porridge to students so they can find success in learning from a full stomach.

Across Africa, 23 million primary school children attend school hungry.  This has a severe effect on their ability to learn. Giving a child a healthy breakfast can improve their concentration, motivation and general behaviour.  This in turn will boost their academic performance and allow them to make the most of their education. 

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In 1926, the Faize Ithna Asheri was established in Zanzibar where the following contributed for its welfare activities:

Marhum Haji Hussein Sheriff Dewji
Marhum Haji Esmail Gulamhussein
Marhum Haji Abdulhussein Rashid Nathani
Marhum Haji Abdulhussein Nasser Bhalloo
Marhum Haji Abdulrasul Alidina Saleh
Marhum Haji M. D. Kermali
Marhum Haji Hussein A Rahim
Whilst beginning the night religious classes, Marhum Haji Abdulrasul Alidina Saleh, Marhum Haji Gulamhussein Sachedina Lalji and Marhum Haji H M Rashid (Nathani) were serving as administrators.
In 1928, Faize Ithna Asheri established the night religious classes which previously was functioning under Marhum Haji Mohamed Mulla Jaffer of Mehfile Shahe Najaf where he used to impart religious knowledge.  The committee members used to run the day to day issues of Faize Ithna Asheri by taking support from Marhum Haji Mulla Mohamed together with the contribution from Marhum Haji Mohamed Mulla Jaffer as well as Marhum Haji Raza Rashid Nathani, Marhum Haji H M Rashid (Nathani),Marhum Haji Mohamedjaffer Rashid Nathani (Maalim Mia) and many others who served the institute.

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AFED Women Board has started official visits to various Jamaats and meeting their LMC's, with the objective to find out more about the challenges women in our community face and how best can we assist them. Jamaats will be informed of their schedule.
In line with the above, we would like to discover and find out the potentials of women in our community and their abilities and their willingness to assist the community. To do so we are conducting a survey with the objective to Identify and Reach Out to assist, guide and empower the target groups of women and girls at the community level.

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CIRCULAR NO: JMT/45/17                                          

The Sports Council of Africa Federation calls upon all Jamaats and Territorial Councils under the Africa Federation, to submit their nominations for the “Sportswoman and Sportsman of the year” by filling in the enclosed Questionnaires.
Jamaats are requested to note that nominations are for both for Sportswoman and Sportsman for the period 2015 - 2016.
Nominations should be submitted to the following address by 15th February 2017

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CIRCULAR NO: JMT/44/17                                         


The forecast for the Crescent of 1st Jamadi ul Awwal 1438 A.H. is as follows: - (Please note that the forecast is based for Dar-es-Salaam and all timings are D’Salaam local time, other towns in the West should make necessary adjustments depending upon the time of sunset).
The birth of the Astronomical New Moon is at 3.08 a.m. on Saturday 28th January 2017 i.e. 29th Rabi ul Aakhar 1438 A.H.
On Saturday 28th January 2017, the age of the New Moon after the Sun has set is:  

Sunset 6.48 p.m.
Crescent age at Sunset 15 hours 40 minutes      
Moonset 7.12 p.m.
Time Duration 24 minutes
Crescent Elongation at Sunset       07.09 degrees
Moon Altitude at Sunset 04.57 degrees


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The Legacy of Sports in Zanzibar

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We are pleased to inform the Community that the construction works of the Al Asghary Housing Project in Dar-es-Salaam has commenced.  This Project in Dar-es-Salaam is on Plot No 1701/208 on Band Street (corner of Libya Street), Dar es Salaam consisting of 18 apartments and two shops on the ground floor in total. The Building has nine (9) floors and each floor consists of a three and two bedroom apartment.
This is in line with the vision of the Africa Federation which is to facilitate 100 apartments in Dar es Salaam during this term, 2016-2019, so as to give ownership opportunity to our members. We shall continue to work jointly with KSI Jamaat of Dar es Salaam, the World Federation and various donors and well-wishers to achieve this objective.

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Ref: PR/AF/2016/18                                                 

The first Africa Federation Girls’ Camp successfully came to a close on the 29th December 2016, amid numerous accolades for organizers from parents of participating girls and others. Held at the Morogoro International School from the 19th  to 29th  of December, the camp was attended by 68 campers, 16 mentors and 7 members of the administration and volunteering team, led by the Camp Lead Mrs. Fatim Sadick Somji, she is also a nominated Councillor of Africa Federation. We were blessed to have as speakers at the Camp; Mrs. Fatema Shabbir Somji, Sister Saarah Bokhari, Mrs. Fatim Raza, Mrs. Fatema Dewji-Jaffer and Dr Kamaal Sheriff renowned in their fields of expertise in topics and skills.
The Camp included participants from several Jamaats, namely; Dar es Salaam, Arusha, Nairobi, Mombasa, Tanga, Lindi, Moshi, Morogoro and Zanzibar.


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