Ref: AK/PR/49/2012


An official visit to Madagascar by the Chairman of the Africa Federation and his delegation took place from 7th to 15th February 2012. The visit program included meeting the Executive Members of the Regional Council of Madagascar (CROI), meeting the Antananarivo Jamaat Office Bearers and Managing Committee Members, visit to upcountry Jamaats and Tabligh Institutions (INISMA).

The AFED Chairman, Alhaj Anwarali Dharamsi was accompanied by the Vice Chairman, Alhaj Shabir Najafi, Hon. Secretary, Alhaj Aunali Khalfan and the Asst. Hon. Secretary, Alhaj Kumail Manji, others in the delegation were:

Seyed Hassan Naqvi           - Chairman of Africa Federation Tableegh Board
Alhaj Abbas Nasser             - Chairman of Bilal Muslim Mission of Kenya
Alhaj Shabbir Somji             - Chairman of Bilal Muslim Mission of Tanzania
Alhaj Asim Morvi                   - Chairman of Bilal Muslim Mission of Uganda
Alhaj Munir Daya                  - Editor of Federation Samachar
Mrs. Mahjabeen Daya         - Co-Editor of Federation Samachar
Alhaj Mustafa Sheriff           - CEO of Bilal Muslim Mission of Tanzania
Alhaj Mujtaba Peera            - CEO of Bilal Muslim Mission of Kenya


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It is notified for general information of all Jamaats in Africa that FIRST JAMADI UL AWWAL 1433 will fall on Sunday 25th March 2012.

The important dates during the month are:

  Jamadi ul Awwal 5, 1433    March 29, 2012  



Hadith-e-Kisa Blanket Drive: 2,000 blankets urgently needed in Afghanistan

New_Picture_2In Afghanistan, severe winter weather is excruciating for families living in poverty. Men, women and children in Afghanistan and especially in the surrounding areas of Mazar-e-Sharif, are affected by frostbite. Mazar-e-Sharif is the fourth largest city in Afghanistan.

The climate in Mazar-e-Sharif is very hot during the summer with daily temperatures of over 40 degrees Celsius in June and July. The winters are cold with temperatures falling below freezing.


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Ref: AK/PR/2012/48


It was dubbed as a historical occasion, when the Chairman of the Federation of Khoja Shia Ithna-Asheri Jamaats of Africa while on an official visit to the Conseil Regional Des Khojas Shia Ithna-Asheri Jamates De L'Ocean Indien (Regional Council of Madagascar) bestowed the Africa Federation prestigious Husseini and Abbasi medals to four members of Antananarivo Jamaat of Madagascar at the Imambargha during the wiladat of our Holy Prophet (SAWW) on 9th February 2012 (17th Rabi'ul Awwal 1433) in Antananarivo.

To witness this momentous occasion was the Representative of our Marja-e-Taqleed Ayatullah al Seyed Ali Hussaini al Sestani, Hujjatul Islam Wal Mumineen, al Seyed Jawad Sharestani and his delegation from Qum, Iran and Seyed Murtadha Murtadha from Nairobi, Kenya.


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"I don't pray for His acceptance of my a'amal as much as I pray for the opportunity to serve. And the day He grants me a new opportunity to serve, I believe the previous ones have been accepted. And I hope till my last breath the opportunities are there and when the Almighty calls me back, I will be able to tell my Lord, Thank You for giving me life,       

Jab tak mai' jiu'n kidhmate khalq karta rahu'n mai'n,

Maut aa'e Yaa Rabb, isi khidmat mei'n maru'n mai'n.

Mulla Asgharali M. M. Jaffer

We request you to remember Marhum Mulla Asgharali with Sura-e-Fateha

Ref: AK/PR/2012/47



Nampula is the capital city of Nampula Province in Mozambique; it has a population of about 0.5M making it the third largest city in Mozambique after Maputo and Beira, located in North East of Mozambique. It is an agricultural trade center, located on the railroad connecting the seaports of Lumbo and Nacala with Malawi.

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We are pleased to announce the recent appointments of the following members to the Sports Council of the Africa Federation, they are:

                      Br. Salim Khakhi of Moshi – Vice Chairman
                      Br. Fazleali Kassam of Dar-es-Salaam – Member
                      Br. Hassanali M Dhirani of Tanga – Member

With the above new appointments by the Chairman of the Sports Council, the Council shall now be made of the following members:

                      Br. Mahmood A Somji      -           Chairman
                      Br. Salim Khakhi               -           Vice Chairman
                      Br. Mustafa Virjee              -           Hon. Secretary
                      Br. Hameed Sheriff           -           Member - Arusha
                      Br. Sameer Chandoo       -           Member – Dar es Salaam
                      Br. Fazleali Kassam         -           Member – Dar-es-Salaam
                      Br. Qambar A Somji          -           Member – Mombasa
                      Br. Onali Nanji                    -           Member - Nairobi
                      Br. Hassanali M Dhirani   -           Member - Tanga

The Email contact of the Sports Council is


Aunali Khalfan
Hon. Secretary

The Brilliant Student Award is an annual Scholarship program introduced by Africa Federation from the year 2009, offering a onetime award of USD 5,000 each towards Higher Education to two students (one boy and one girl) who have displayed a consistent record of academic excellence.

sarah_somjiApplications received for the year 2011 were scrutinized based on the set criteria of selection and Sis. Sarah Sadick Somji of Dar es Salaam Jamat was declared winner of the Brilliant Student Award for the year 2011.

The presentation of this award took place on 9th February 2012 (17th Rabbiul Awwal) - Wiladat of our Holy Prophet.

On behalf of the Education Board Secretariat of Africa Federation, we take this opportunity to congratulate the Winner for her outstanding achievement and we wish her success in her further studies. Our felicitations also to all the participants of this award.

May Allah (s.w.t.) grant them every success in their future endeavours, Ameen.

It is our hope that our community Brilliant students out there will make use of this golden opportunity and that more student applications from different Jamats are received next year.

EB Secretariat

Ref: CHB/News Bulletin/002/2012

DIABETES AND YOU –Diabetes can cause many complications and can lead to Kidney disease and failure, heart problems, eye sight loss and also complications in feet.

Diabetic Kidney Disease

diabetes_2_aJust like elsewhere in the body the kidneys of diabetics are in danger of being affected by the high sugars. Diabetes is the leading cause of kidney failure in the world. 40% of type 1 diabetics develop kidney failure within thirty years of the onset of their disease. 12% of Type 2 diabetics' kidneys are already slightly affected by diabetes by the time they are diagnosed. This is because Type 2 diabetes is often an initially silent disease often only found coincidentally when a doctor decides to check for it.

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At the 14th Constitutional Conference held in Dar-es-salaam from 4th to 7th April, 1980, Alhaj Hassan Ali M. Jaffer was unanimously elected to the post of Vice Chairman of Africa Federation. Hassan bhai was born in Zanzibar in 1932 and has been a resident of Mombasa since his young age. After completing his secondary school education at Mombasa he undertook a practical course in agriculture at the Indian school of Agriculture in Morogoro, Tanzania.

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The forecast for the Crescent of 1st Jamadi ul Awwal 1433 A.H. is as follows: - (Please note that the forecast is based for Dar-es-Salaam and all timings are D'Salaam local time, other towns in the West should make necessary adjustments depending upon the time of sunset).

The birth of the Astronomical New Moon is at 05.38 p.m. on Thursday 22nd March 2012 i.e. 28th Rabiul Aakhar 1433 A.H.

On Friday 23rd March 2012 the age of the New Moon after the Sun has set is:       

Sunset .................................................    6.32 p.m.
Crescent age at Sunset....................    24 hours 55 minutes
Moonset ..............................................    7.01 p.m.
Time Duration ....................................    29 minutes
Crescent Elongation at Sunset.......    11.39 degrees
Moon Altitude at Sunset ...................     06.18 degrees


The best time to observe the crescent is when the sun is 5 degrees below the horizon at 6.49 p.m., when the crescent will Insha'Allah be very low on the horizon, 10 degrees North of West, 10 degrees North of where the sun had set.




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