Welcoming the holy month of Ramadhan

In the Name of Allah, the Most Beneficent, the most Merciful.

"O you who believe! Fasting is prescribed to you as it was prescribed to those before you, that ye may learn piety and righteousness (attain taqwaa)" – (Qur'an, Surah Al Baqarah 2:183)

rm1"O People! The month of Allah (Ramadhan) has approached you with His mercy and blessings. This is the month that is the best of all months in the estimation of Allah. Its days are the best among the days; its nights are the best among the nights. Its hours are the best among the hours". – [Holy Prophet Mohammad (SAWW)]

Message from the Africa Federation Chairman, Alhaj Anwarali Dharamsi

rm2We are at the threshold of the holy month of Ramadhan, the glorious month of mercy and forgiveness. The month of Ramadhan is the most venerated, blessed and spiritually beneficial month of the Islamic year to bring us closer to Allah (SWT) and to earn  and seek His grace, mercy and blessings.

During this month, God-consciousness, self-control, devotion and reflection is paramount taking cognizance of the hardships of the poor, hungry, the sick and the oppressed; it is the responsibility of each and every Muslim in the world to help fellow human beings, the less fortunate and the poor through benevolence of charity and other means of assistance.

Fasting during the holy month of Ramadhan has a deep spiritual dimension of compassion, of self-sacrifice, consciousness and of introspection. Insha'allah you will be overwhelmed with Allah's mercy in this blessed month and stay alert to seize this great opportunity. May Allah (SWT) accept our supplications and forgive all our shortcomings and misdeeds.

Let us also reflect on the tragic plight of the sufferings of the Muslim Ummah in several parts of the world and particularly in Syria as the violent conflict continues to cause deaths, destruction and suffering of innocent civilians since March 2011, sadly this has resulted in displacement of about 2 million Syrians seeking refuge in the neighboring countries, living in harsh conditions.

Let us pray to Allah (SWT) to bestow peace, security and tranquility in all parts of the world and an end to the persecutions and sufferings of innocent people from the horrible atrocities.

In this Holy month of Ramadhan, may you be blessed with good health, prosperity and may Allah's Blessings always shine upon you all, Ameen.


Ref: BMM 59-1434                               



bmmt1BMMTZ Tanga Branch held a majlis on 26th Rajab to commemorate the death anniversary of H. Abu Twalib (AS), the uncle and main protector of the Prophet Muhammad (SAWW) and the father of the first Imam H. Amirul Muumineen Ali (AS).

H. Abu Twalib (AS) protected the Prophet (SAWW) against the oppression, tyranny, humiliation and torture which was being meted out by the kuffars of Makka during the advent of Islam.

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CIRCULAR NO: JMT/18/13      


The Africa Federation Secretariat is calling upon members of our community to contribute generously towards the Syrian Refugee Appeal 2013 launched by the World Federation.

Recent news from the UN state that over 1.2m people have been displaced from their homes in Syria. Many have fled to the neighboring countries of Iraq, Jordan, Lebanon and Turkey. As the crisis in Syria continues, the UN estimates that by the end of 2013, over 3.5m Syrians will have been displaced from their homes. These are shocking statistics and we must try to do everything that we can to help those affected.

The World Federation is already supporting a number of families currently in Lebanon who have been displaced as a result of the current situation in Syria.

A number of micro-financing projects are also being supported to allow individuals to re-start their own businesses that had been lost when they left Syria and to begin earning independently again.

The World Federation will also be sending Ramadhan Relief Funds to Syria we request all our Jamaats and members of the community in Africa to support the World Federation initiatives and raise funds for this cause.

The Funds collected by the Jamaats should be remitted to the AFED Secretariat Office in Dar-es-Salaam which shall be then be sent to the World Federation.

Let us all together raise our hands in prayers and supplications to Allah (swt) in this blessed month with the Wasilah of our Aeema-e-Tahireen (as) that peace and harmony prevails in Syria and all parts of the World.

Aunali Khalfan
Hon Secretary


The Brilliant Student Award is an annual scholarship program offering a onetime award of USD 5,000 to two students (one boy and one girl) who have displayed a consistent record of academic excellence.  It is our hope that this award will propel the students onto a path that will take them through a rigorous university education, assist them in attaining their career dreams and aspirations, and bring their talents to our communities around the world.

Only two winners will be chosen on merit from all eligible applicants, with the below requirements.


The Brilliant Student Award is open to boys and girls who have achieved outstanding results at the Advanced level (Form 5 and 6 or equivalent) and wish to go for further studies. The winners of this award will also be able to access the normal Higher Education Loan under the EB Program.

Jamaat Responsibility/Deadline:

All students' applications must be handed over to their respective Jamaat's Education Board Representatives. Local Jamaat's will be responsible to publicize these services, scrutinize, verify and filter all applications in order to nominate and forward Four Proposed names (two boys and two girls) to the Education Board Secretariat by 15th September 2013.

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Interested participants are requested to submit their Application Forms latest by Friday 5th July 2013. Please refer to below poster for further details.


Ref: CHB/News Bulletin/006/2013         

Dengue fever Outbreak!

d1The Tanzania Ministry of Health and Social Welfare is investigating an outbreak of dengue fever, in Dar es Salaam and the surrounding areas.  A public health team found several persons with dengue fever while investigating an increase in malaria-like illness. Further confirmatory testing is taking place.  Earlier this year, dengue outbreaks have been reported in Somalia and Kenya, including a large outbreak in Mombasa.

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Ref: BMM 58-1433 

Bilal Muslim Mission-Moshi branch, celebrated the birth of Imam Mahdi (atfs) on 15th Sha'baan in a very different way. This time they organized a small competition instead of lectures as usual whereby 14 students from Bilal Madressa and SYDP participated in a 10 minute talk on various aspects of the life of the Holy Imam Mahdi (atfs).


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