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At the Youth Conference held in Dar es Salaam in April 2013, the youth expressed desire and commitment to serve the community at large, to this end; the Secretariat had the honour to create an opportunity this time by involving the youth of our community in planning, promoting and managing the AFED Solidarity Day.

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Ref: EBS/Flash/04/2013  



On July 7th 2013, the Africa Federation Education Board in collaboration with the Higher Education Council of the Khoja Shia Ithna-Asheri Jamaat of Dar es Salaam held its first Higher Education Fair at the Tabligh Building in Dar es Salaam. The Fair was open to prospective University Students and parents.

The primary goal of this Fair was to provide latest information to the youths on various options for further education and develop, face-to-face relationships allowing students the opportunity to discuss specific degree programs, pick up prospectuses/other information, learn about scholarship opportunities and interact with the university students to get a flavor of what further education could be like.

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Solidarity Walk at Arusha Organized by Kilimeru Sports of Arusha

Sunday the 7th July 2013 was a cold day but the 49 participants, young and old braved the cold weather of Arusha, simply out of love and devotion towards the noble cause of participating in the AFED Solidarity Day Charity Walk, also this was the first of its kind in the history of the Arusha Jamaat, and it is always a privilege to be counted as the pioneers.

Transport was available from the mosque to the Jaffery Academy, which was the starting point of the Walk. The start was scheduled for 10 AM the Walk started at 10.30 AM, the Resident Maulana recited Dua before the start for the success of the 3.8 km Walk.

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Ref: BMM 62-1434



Bilal Muslim Mission –Tanga branch hosted Hafidhul Qur'an Br. Mohamedtaqi Khan along with his elder brother Mohamednaqi Khan and the accompanying delegation headed by Alhaj MohammedJaffer Pyarali of Hajj Caravan, from 2nd to 4th July in Tanga.

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The World Federation of KSI Muslim Community's Annual Ramadhan Relief appeal aims in helping those less fortunate around the world during the Holy month of Ramadhan.

Last year, the World Federation collected over US$ 654,000 through which 188,000 people in over 12 countries were assisted.

This year, The World Federation is working in 15 different countries, including, Afghanistan, Gaza and Sri Lanka.  As the current situation in Syria continues to escalate, the focus for this year's Ramadhan Relief Fund will be the Syrian Refugees in Lebanon.

The World Federation is holding a live Telethon Appeal on Ahlulbayt TV on Saturday 13th July 2013 between 4.00 and 6.00 p.m. (East African Time) to raise funds for this noble cause.

Members of the Community in Africa are requested to watch the Program and contribute generously towards this Appeal. The program can be viewed on Sky channel 842.

To help us advertise this programme and reach out to as many members as possible, kindly forward this email to all your friends and family.


Ref: AQ/PR/2013/006


a2Artist's impression of the building

We are pleased to send out this 4th update to our community members nationally and overseas on the progress of the construction of "AL QA'EEM" Building.

The AFED Building named after our 12th Imam Al Hujjah (ATFS) - "AL QA'EEM" is located on Plot 9 Jacaranda Road, Arusha - Tanzania. The eight storey building consists of 24 flats (each floor will have - two flats of 2 bedrooms and one flat of 3 bedrooms). This Housing Project is for the deserving members of our community in Arusha.

The official Ground-Breaking of this Building took place in March 2012 and the construction work commenced in August 2012 after completing the formalities of the Government and Town Council documentations, building permits etc. and the delivery of the building is expected by March 2014, Insha'Allah.

Following the last report issued by the AFED Secretariat in April 2013, the Project is progressing well and as per the schedule.  The shell structure of the building is complete up to the 8th Floor and the contractor has embarked on the roof works which is expected to be completed by early next month and the internal works of fittings will then begin.

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Ref: BMM 61-1434 


On 29th June, 2013 Bilal Muslim Mission of Tanzania Mwanza Branch hosted Hafidhul Qur'an Br. MohammedTaki Khan in Mwanza where he exhibited his talents at four different mosques.


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