The WF AID Department has launched the Hadith-e-Kisa Blanket Drive, which will equip deserving families in South Asia and the Middle East with warm, insulated blankets.

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The forecast for the Crescent of 1st Jamadi-ul-Awwal is as follows: - (Please note that the forecast is based for Dar-es-Salaam and all timings are Dar-es-Salaam local time, other towns in the West should make necessary adjustments depending upon the time of sunset).
The birth of the Astronomical New Moon is at 5.18 a.m. on Wednesday 17th January 2018 i.e. 29th Rabi-ul-Aakhar 1439 A.H.

On Wednesday 17th January, the age of the New Moon after the Sun has set is:

Sunset 6.47 p.m.
Crescent age at Sunset 13 hours 30 minutes
Moonset 7.07 p.m.
Time Duration 20 Minutes
Crescent Elongation at Sunset 05.25 degrees
Crescent Altitude at Sunset 03.54 degrees

On Thursday 18th January, the age of the New Moon after the Sun has set is:

Sunset 6.47 p.m.
Crescent age at Sunset 37 hours 29 minutes
Moonset 7.53 p.m.
Time Duration 1 hour 04 minutes
Crescent Elongation at Sunset 16.14 degrees
Crescent Altitude at Sunset 14.26 degrees

The best time to observe the crescent is when the sun is 5 degrees below the horizon at 7.05 p.m., when the crescent will Insha’Allah be 15 degrees South of West, 6 degrees North of where the sun had set.

Ref: AF/2017/39                                                                                            

In conformity with the Africa Federation Vision and Objectives for the term 2016-2019, and in taking forward our plans through working closely with our parent body - The World Federation (WF), we are pleased to inform our community members of the latest development in respect of the housing projects in Dar Es Salaam.
A plot measuring 800 Sq. M in a prime location along Mfaume Road in Upanga area of Dar Es Salaam has been donated to Africa Federation (AFED) by the WF, through the efforts of Alhaj Ahmed Daya, the WF Executive Councillor in London, U.K. for the housing development project for our community members.


It is believed that our community started settling in Dar es Salaam, Tanzania (formerly Tanganyika) around 1875 when there were two Indian families at Mji Mwema, outside Dar es Salaam.  In 1900, an Imambara was constructed from corrugated iron sheets at the plot which is currently occupied by Pirbhai Jiwa Bharwani building on Mosque Street. Majalis were held at this place but due to inconveniences and upon advice from the German authorities, it was transferred behind Telephone House (Kaluta Street).
The German Governor knew that our community was facing problems and that it needed a place of worship. Once in 1904, when he was passing by our current masjid plot (Makunganya Street, presently Indira Gandhi Street), he found Marhum Sachoo Peera and Suleman bin Nasser Lemky standing on the plot. The Governor asked Marhum Sachoo Peera whether he needed the plot on which he was standing. Marhum replied positively and was asked to visit him in Government House the next day when the plot was given to him which he donated to Dar es Salaam Jamaat.

The foundation stone for the mosque was laid in 1904 by Marhum Sachoo Peera.  He started construction of the mosque under his personal supervision. However, in 1907, he passed away and his sons, Noormohamed and Abdulrasul continued supervising the construction work. During those days, the practice was to hold the roof with wooden poles called Boriti in Kiswahili. However, Noormohamed Sachoo imported steel structure to use for the mosque. Due to their intense efforts, the mosque was ready in 1908 and the opening ceremony was conducted by the cousin of the Aga Khan, Shah Kuchak.  At that time there were 9 families in Dar es Salaam. They were: Haji Sachoo Peera, Haji Nasser Mawji, Haji Nasser Rattansi, Haji Molu Kanji, Nasser Bhalloo, Merali Muraj, Pirbhai Rattansi, Dhalla Nanji and Alibhai Walli. The earliest community workers were a trio - Sachoo Peera, Versi Advani and Nasser Mawji.
The population of our community in Dar es Salaam was very small compared to Zanzibar which at the time had the largest population of Khoja Shia Ithna-Asheries in Africa.

The Imambara was renovated in 1944, commemorating the 1300th anniversary of the Tragedy of Karbala which fell in 1942 (1361 AH).


The First Africa Federation Sports Festival was held in Dar-es-Salaam from 22nd to 26th December 1984 introduced during the tenure of Alhaj Mohamed bhai Dhirani’s Chairmanship of the Africa Federation. Alhaj Gulamabbas Janmohamed was then the President of Dar-es-Salaam Jamaat. This inaugural AFED Sports Festival truly made a Dream Debut leaving cherished memories with all the participants, officials and organizers.
The Festival was organized under the auspices of Ithna-Asheri Union headed by Alhaj Hussein H. Peera and Union Sports Club Chairman was the late Alhaj Ibrahim A. Jivraj. The present Vice Chairman of Africa Federation, Alhaj Aunali Khalfan was a member of the Organizing Committee of this first AFED Sports Festival.

The holding of “All Africa Sports Festival is a milestone in this respect as it will gather sportsmen from all over Africa at one place.  It will not only arouse greater interest in sports but will lead to strengthening the bonds between youths of different Jamaats.

(Extract of the Message of AFED Chairman Mohamed Dhirani – Sports Festival Souvenir Booklet) 


Ref: AFED/FSF/28/17        

AFED Chairman’s Message

I wish to welcome each and every player and officials numbering to about 400 from 15 different cities around the world who will be converging in Nairobi, Kenya commencing from 22nd to 29th December 2017 to participate in what is expected to be the most exciting, interactive and competitive sports festival dubbed, “Furaha Sports Festival”. (Furaha meaning Happy) involving six sporting games.

The participation fee is subsidized purposely to encourage and enable students and youth of our Community to participate in this biennial AFED Sports Festival.

I am pleased to recognize and also appreciate the facilitators of this momentous Festival, this has been possible through the esteemed support, cooperation and efforts of the Shia Asna Asheri Jamaat (SAAJ) of Nairobi along with their devoted and passionate members of the Furaha Sports Festival Organizing Committee – Thank you very much.

It is on record that out of the 17 Sports Festivals organized by AFED since its inception in 1984, the Furaha Sports Festival will be the 5th Sports Festival being held in Nairobi, Kenya, the first one was held in Dar Es Salaam, Tanzania in 1984.

I wish also to commend the AFED Sports Council Chairman, Alhaj Mohamedhussein Somji and his team for their deep dedication and the zeal towards the Festival.

My warm greetings to all the participants and our Community members with a famous Kiswahili word Karibu. I wish all the participants successful and enjoyable Festival.

I am thankful to the donors and well-wishers for their support and cooperation in this Festival, Jazaka’allah Kheir.
Shabir Najafi


The World Federation and NASIMCO have signed two landmark partnership agreements, where both organisations have agreed in principle to work closer together in aid related work and on the Madrassa Agenda.

This huge and historic milestone will allow for scoping of new joint ventures in humanitarian work and the centralising of resources will result in increased outputs and a decrease in duplication. A plan will also be made on how more collaboration work can be done to increase quantity and quality in the benevolent humanitarian work which both organisations do.

A roadmap has been agreed with NASIMCO on the implementation and roll-out of the Tarbiyya Curriculum immediately and streamlining the Teacher Training programmes. An increased collaboration and cooperation on the Madrassa agenda has also been agreed.

The MOU was signed by the President of The World Federation, Anwarali Dharamsi, and the President of NASIMCO, Razak Damani, (pictured) in the presence of other senior members from both organisations.

WF and Nasimco 1

WF and Nasimco 2

The Africa Federation Honorary Secretary, Alhaj Hussein Karim visited The Jafari Muslim Association (JMA) in Lilongwe, the capital of Republic of Malawi. This being the first ever visit by an AFED Official to this Centre. The purpose of the visit was to meet members of the Association (Jamaat) and familiarize with their activities especially as they are in the expanding phase and in the process to acquire their own Centre, presently they are using a rented place.

Malawi is a country south of Tanzania and west of Mozambique, its long and narrow, north-south distance of 850 km and east-west of only 250km at the widest, hence its divided as north, central and southern. There are three major cities: Mzuzu in the north, Lilongwe in the central and Blantyre in the South.

Lilongwe is the current administrative capital, while Blantyre is the former capital but also the commercial capital. (very much like Dodoma and Dar respectively)

There are three Shia Ithna-Asheri Jamaats in Malawi - Lilongwe with 42 registered members - total 140 heads including female and children, Blantyre with about 12 families (35-40 people) and Mzuzu with 4 families (10 people).

Only Lilongwe Jamaat is formally registered under the name of Jafari Muslim Association and has rented premises for Majlis and Namaz while other hold functions like Majlises at individual residences.

The growth of the Shia Ithna-Asheri Community in Lilongwe has increased in the last 10 years and it is estimated that if the current economic situation continues its very likely to grow further. This is based on the fact that there are 2500 to 3000 other Asians from the Subcontinent who already have big Mosques and facilities like sports club etc. There are also Shia Lebanese Community of about 15 families (50-60 people).  Our Community members are mostly importers and others are professionals like accountants etc.


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