By the Grace of Almighty (SWT), in this holy month of Ramadhan (1432 AH) the Central Health Board (CHB) of Africa Federation in conjunction with the Central Medical Board (CMB) of Dar es Salaam Jamaat and Jaffery Medical Student's Association (JAMSA) in addition to the annual general health screening conducted every year, Oral Pathology and a general Eye check-up was conducted.

Before the screening exercise took off, Dr. Dilawar Padhani (Consultant Eye Surgeon) gave a lecture in the Imambargha while Dr. Nasreen Hirji (Family Physician) did the same at the Imambargha to sensitise the community on the importance of having regular Oral & Eye Check up's.

The newly added Oral Pathology Screening was part of the Health Fair. The aim was for the dentists to visually locate any malignant or pre-malignant oral lesions. As a number of Oral cancers in our community have surfaced recently, hence this was a prudent step to take. A total of 595 people were screened and a few pre-cancer lesions were noted and the concerned people were asked to undergo further tests.

Caution: It has been observed by the doctors that the "Chewing of Pariki" has increased significantly in our community, as observed during the Oral Pathology Screening. This is hazardous and calls for urgent corrective measures. Pariki is one of the major causes of mouth cancers.


Another new addition to the screening introduced for the first time this year was screening of the eye. Here two parameters were screened Visual Acquity as well as Intra Occular Pressure or IOP. More emphasize was given to "eye pressure" to prevent the irreversibly blinding condition called GLAUCOMA, known as the "silent thief of vision". The Eye screening was under the supervision of Dr. Kazim Dhalla and Br. Mudassir Alloo, with their team of Optometrists and Specialized Nurses. Using a Tonopen a new equipment acquired by CHB recently to measure the IOP a total of 528 people were screened - 326 Males and 212 Females. The community's interest in testing for their IOP surpassed even our expectations. This screening was conducted at the mosque compound from 1st to 8th Ramadhan in the gents section and from 9th to 16th in the ladies section.



The following were the objectives of the screening program for the participants:

1.      To check functional vision.
2.      To check the eye pressure.
3.      To find out how many of the diabetic sufferers had a thorough eye check up in the past one year.
4.      To advise on further follow up in cases that needs more attention.


Pending detailed analysis of the findings to be reported in due course, the following were the gist of findings observed:

1.      The turnout was exceptionally good with age range from 12 to 80 years
2.      Many participants had less than desired functional vision, meaning that their visions were less than expected.
3.      A few members were noted to have seriously impaired functional vision and were advised to seek immediate medical attention.
4.      Relatively few participants were noted to have mild to moderate increase in their eye pressures thus Glaucoma may not be a serious issue in the screened Jamaat.
5.      Many Diabetic participants had not had their annual eye check up as per the recommended guidelines for the Diabetics.

Mini Health Screening:

In the Mini Health Screening – Blood Pressure, Random Blood Sugar and BMI data were collected after which the participants would then meet one of the doctors for consultation concerning their general health and wellbeing. This exercise is in its 7th year and is a popular health screen carried out every year. The total number of people participated in the Mini Health Screening this year, were 595 people; 362 Males and 233 Females.


The Central Health Board (CHB) and the Central Medical Board (CMB) wish to thank the KSI Jamaat of Dar es Salaam and Africa Federation for their support and cooperation in this program, and special thanks to the Management and staff of Ebrahim Haji Charitable Health Centre who have always been in the forefront in supporting all our screening programs, including those which we do in upcountry Jamaats.

We wish to thank the sponsorers of the Mini Health Screening, M/s. Sun Pharmaceuticals for providing us with free glucometer, alcohol swaps, lancets, etc.

The support from The Jaffery Medical Student's Association JAMSA has always been a joy and gratifying, the medical students and the newly qualified doctors have given us tremendous support and cooperation, and we thank them all.

We wish to express our profound appreciation and thanks to Br. Mohammed Alloo and Sister Rukhsar Dewji for taking responsibilities and for their tireless efforts to head the gents and ladies section of the screening program respectively.

Hats off to the Convenor of the Health Fair Screening Program this year, Br. Murtaza Kara for his devotion and commitment to this program and to see a successful completion up to the end. 

Special thanks to the Ladies Management Committee (LMC), Br. Mushtaq Damji - Mukhi, the Ithnasheri Union Volunteer Corps (IUVC). 

And finally, to all the Doctors, Dentists, Optometrists and Nurses who selflessly dedicated their valuable time and were present throughout the 18 days screening program, we say Ahsante Sana and pray to Allah (SWT) to grant all those involved in one way or the other in this service to the community with good health, long life and prosperity – Ameen.

The Central Health Board (CHB) would encourage all Jamaats under the Africa Federation to take necessary steps and organize similar health screening programs, at least once a year. Health Boards of the Jamaats are advised to coordinate with the CHB on this matter and for any assistance required. 

CHB/CMB Joint Report (30th August 2011)


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