7th April has been designated as World Health Day by the World Health Organization (WHO) with annual themes that are used to emphasize and raise awareness on certain health related issues. The theme for this year is 'Beat Diabetes'. The reason for the selection of this theme primarily is that Diabetes which was once considered a condition afflicting the developed countries only has now also gained much prevalence in the developing countries. This situation needs to be remedied and curbed as soon as possible.

On this World Health Day, the Central Health Board (CHB) would like to remind and urge the community members to care for their health through good nutritional practices, regular physical activity and exercise and sharing of important health information among each other.  Important to note is also the fact that Diabetes is on the rise in the children and adolescents as well. The number of diabetes in our community is on the rise, and many are suffering from diabetes related complications like kidney failure, loss of eye sight, amputations etc.
Keep Healthy Be Happy
Farhan Yusuf
Chairman – Central Health Board of Africa Federation

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